torsdag 22 augusti 2013

Madhubala: RK asks Bittoo to keep watch on Madhubala for clues

Madhubala: RK asks Bittoo to keep watch on Madhubala for cluesMadhubala: RK's doubts about Madhubala's fake divorce drama get stronger

Madhubala on Colors is showing a steady progress and some hope for Madhu (Drashti Dhami) and RK (Vivian Dsena).
RK is now having doubts on Madhu, with hints that someone is behind the fake divorce drama and Madhu is not willingly wanting a divorce.
Madhu earlier tied her broken mangalsutra around her wrist and collected all the beads and kept them safe.
After that she kept showing concern towards RK and Radha whenever anything happened to them.
Even when RK purposely brought an unknown girl late at night, Madhu asked her to leave.
All these hints (clues) point out to RK that Madhubala still loves RK and his family.
RK will now tell his secretary Bittoo to keep a watch on Madhu, so that they can get some clues and hints as to who is behind all the drama, and what circumstances are pushing Madhu for divorce.
Bittoo also knows Madhu very well and is convinced that she is not willingly going for divorce.
RK is a determined man who doesnt give up easily and will go to any extent to unmask the truth.