tisdag 13 augusti 2013

Punar Vivah Zee TV's show:Abhishek Malik to get back as bad man

Punar Vivah Zee TVAbhishek Malik to play a negative role in Punar Vivah on Zee TV.

Abhishek Malik is to play the lead negative role in Punar Vivah – Ek Nayi Umeed.
The actor is making a comeback in the show post his exit a few weeks ago. But this time he will be seen as a negative character.
Abhishek will be playing Rohan who will be Vikrant’s friend.
Abhishek is back to take revenge from Sarita and Raj for the embarrassment he had to face because of them.
Rohan was to get married to Raj’s sister Sheela but, Sarita revealed the truth about him being married to Kajri. Thus, he was asked to leave from the wedding mid-way.
Initially, it was planned that Abhishek’s character will end in the show. But later the creative team realized his track worked with the viewers, thus marking his re entry.
Abhishek confirmed his comeback in Punar Vivah .The creatives of the show called Abhishek a few days ago and asked him to get back to Mumbai.
The actor will begin shooting from 16 August 2013