tisdag 13 augusti 2013

Madhubala: RK (Vivian Dsena) to burn divorce papers of Madhubala

Madhubala: RK (Vivian Dsena) to burn divorce papers of MadhubalaColors film based show Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon will bring more emotional and heart wrenching drama for RK (Vivian Dsena) and Madhubala (Drashti Dhami).
Madhubala has signed the divorce papers to save RK’s life from Sultan.
Sultan wants to get Madhubala at any cost that is why he demands Madhubala to come into his life leaving RK.
The upcoming episode will show that Madhubala will go to the jail and will say RK to give her divorce.
RK who has belived Madhubala as his life will be shocked and hurt but he angrily signs the divorce papers.
Bittoji, Radha will ask Madhubala about the reason behind of this divorce issue but she will not tell them about Sultan.
However, RK will not sit silently and will burn divorce papers. RK will also question to Madhubala to tell her real intension behind this reason.