tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Spoiler: Qubool Hai with Care Khan

Really guys? Really? Just 14 shares to the Karan Surbhi interview teaser? I am really trying to be nice and polite here and ask you to share the posts and videos with so much love? And what do I get in return? 14 miserable shares??? Yeah thanks but no thanks! What did you think? That I would forget? BTW, did I tell you I have a tendency to forget. No? Well let me tell you now – I do have a tendency to forget things! To punish all you people who watch Qubool Hai, I have a spoiler – a BIG spoiler! It is  - “Moti Masjid mein muqaddar ka khel!” What is it? I won’t tell you and now all of you can spend sleepless trying to figure this out! Serves you right for not listening to me.

[Okay, “Moti Masjid for those of you wondering is the other name for Taj-ul-Masajid, which is the Badi Masjid in Bhopal; that’s near where the Siddiquis live!” and “Moti Masjid mein muqaddar ka khel!”
means =>> Moti Masjid area mein destiny gonna play its game ???!!!!]