onsdag 7 augusti 2013

Spoilers of Qubool Hai - EID Special Episode

Spoiler News 1 :
In the EID Special episode Asad and Zoya will perform for 3 songs which will be a treat for Asya fans.

Spoiler News 2:
As a part of Asad's Masterplan to find out the identity of Zoya's Estranged father, Asad will install CCTV camera's at the Jashn-E-Eid function sponsored by him.

Credit - Oishi

Spoiler News 3 :
In the same EID special episode Tanveer will return back to the show as well as Asad and Zoya's life once again. All the family members will be shell shocked to see Tanveer. Tanveer will even dance in the EID party.

Spoiler News 4:
Zoya will know that Najma is in love with someone and tries to get them together. Asad also cmes to know about this and gets angry on Najma but Zoya supports Najma as always. But the shocking relevation will be when Zoya knows that the boy is none other than Imran ( Nikhat's fiancy).

Spoiler News 5 :
One of the Big twists of the Jashn E Eid will be Razia getting exposed in connection to her treatment of Badi bi.