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Forum 32 Community Find of the Day – Vidya Anand’s Fan Fiction On Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek!

Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek will not have its episode telecast tonight due to Star Parivar Awards program. While it is disheartening for the viewers who are regulars, certain programming changes have happened.
So, we at Forum 32 thought of getting some of the regular readers and members of the Forum 32 Community to contribute something for tonight. While we got great response in span of 7 hours, we are posting one of it here on the main site and the rest will be of course available to all to read up on the Google + Community of Forum 32. Here is a link to that 
The reason we picked it is simple, the continuation scene that will come in the coming episodes between Arjun and Sakshi will be something to look out for. While we are not telling you more than this as of right now, we saw this write up by Vidya Anand, which  is a continuation from last Sunday’s episode, so we leave you with that. Imagine away, and tell us what else are the probabilities in terms of a  possible scene between Arjun and Sakshi.
Vidya Anand
1:49 PM

I am Vidya Anand….a computer engineer by qualification but quit my job sometime back….
OS: A night to remember……with paav baaji & vada pau oh yeah a special namkeen tadka inclusive!!

Arjun made sure that she was comfortable and shut the door. She thanked her for the lift…….
He nodded and got into the driver’s seat….
As they drove away into the silent night, we are left with a lot of questions…..
”Is the beginning of something new? Is this the beginning of a new friendship? Will it take the form of love?”
“Keh Rahi Hai Kya Yeh Suno, Meri Khamoshiyan
Raat Se Hai Lambhi Kahin, Dil Ki Yeh Dastaan
Kaise Kahoon”
As they reach the gates, Arjun notices that she hadn’t worn her seat belt…..she had tried to put it on with one hand but in vain…..So he stops the SUV and turns to her…..
He stretches to her side and she looks at him moving away by his advance towards her…
Their eyes lock for a brief moment before he snaps out seeing her enquiring and scared expressions and voices, “Woh seat belt….main kar dehtha hoom”
She shifts in her seat a bit allowing him to do it but his hand brushes past her making her shudder a bit!
His face was so near hers that he breathed in her lavender fragrance! It was difficult but he ignored it to the maximum and got back to his seat after tucking in the seat belt in its position!
He would be lying if he said that he wasnt affected by that close encounter!
She let a deep breath as if she had stayed without breath when he helped her with the seat belt…..It was his sudden intimate closeness that made her go breathless for a moment!
Her expressions weren’t unnoticed by him but he didn’t respond,,,,
The drive was unusually silent considering the fact that Sakshi was along side with him….Even he was surprised how she could be so silent…..But as always, he kept it within himself!
She was confused as well…why was he showing this concern now?
She slowly turned to her side and glanced at him trying to judge what was running in his mind…..
He felt her daze on him and turned to her side in between, “kuch kehna chahthi ho?”
She shook her head in disagreement but when he turned away, she replied, “kuch poochna chahthi hoom….”
Arjun turned back and he knew what she wanted to ask but he just nodded, “hmm”
Sakshi gulped and then spoke slowly, “Arjun, tum mere saat aise…..I mean itne soft aur gentle….mera matlab hai ke mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha………”
Arjun looked at her for a silent moment and then turned away while she added, “kahi tum guilty toh nahi…..”
His sharp look snapped her short and she swallowed her own words…..
But his looks mellowed as quickly as it sprout up and he voiced as if he realizing something, “Dinner?”
She was stunned by his reply “kya?”
Arjun added in a cute voice, “bhook lagi hai……I am sure tumne bhi kuch nahi khaaya hoga…..right?”
He was right, she was hungry too…..she had just had a bit of pizza that Shree had ordered in the evening and it was well past time, that it had all got digested……She nodded, “hmm bhook toh mujhe bhi lagi hai….parr iss waqt….”
Arjun stopped the SUV to the side where stood a road side chat stall and he pointed to it,” paav baaji!”
She looked at the stall and smiled…..When she tried to unlock the door to get down, he stopped her, “tum yahi rukho…main lekhe aatha hoom”
Sakshi didn’t protest…she knew it was tough for her to get down and get in from the SUV…..She nodded but as he got out, she called him back, “Arjun..”
He looked at her and she added, “mujhe paav baaji nahi…..vada pau chahiye!”
Arjun couldn’t help but smile and nodded at her…..”hmmm”
She looks on as he sprints to the stall and orders the items…..He keeps glancing to the SUV to ensure that she is safe there…..
The vendor makes the chats and gives him first the paav baaji and then the vada pau……
The vendor then added his own tadka by handing him a packet of namkeen chutney and spoke up with a smile to her direction, “lijiye….yeh aapke biwi keliye…special tadke waali namkeen chutney….”
Arjun just glared at the vendor but didn’t bother to correct him….He pays him and comes back to the vehicle….
He hands over her plate to her and then quickly finishes his……..But she slowly munches on…..he gulps in water and then resumes driving…….
As expected, Sakshi enjoys the chat relishing it totally…….She loved it especially the namkeen treat which the vendor had given for her…
Her relishing it doesn’t go unseen by the ACP….he shakes his head in total amusement seeing her suck her fingers…..He could see how hungry she was…..
He sarcastically enquired, “itna bhook lagi thi toh keh sakthi thi”
She couldn’t believe that this was the same Arjun……She pinched herself to check if its reality or a dream….was she hallucinating?
She didn’t reply and he didn’t press for one either…..He knew she was confused with his changed attitude…well wasn’t he confused too?! Yes he was…..
There was still a long way to go and he could see her hissing and sighing as if in pain and irritation….May be her hand and leg pained owing to the same seated position…….May be she needed to stretch a bit……
He enquired, “peeche leitna chaahogi?”
Sakshi managed to reply coming out of her shocked self, “nahi…main teek hoom Arjun”
Arjun then added, “radio on karlo……matlab agar tum bore ho rahi ho toh?”
She happily nodded and switched it on……and the first band played the beautiful romantic song….
“Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain
Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan
Dhadkan Bani Zubaan”
The song didn’t fail to make her remember the close intimate moments in his arms……He looked affected by it too……
No she couldn’t torture her already tortured and lost heart……She snapped out quickly and changed the band hurriedly…..Another beautiful song played there….
“Dil Ne Kaha Chupke Se
Yeh Kya Hua Chupke Se
Kyon Naye Lag Rahe Hein
Yeh Dharti Gagan Meine
Pichcha To Boli Yeh Pagli Pawan
Pyar Hua Chupke Se”
Was it her own heart or the radio station which was betraying her??….she quickly switched off the radio and looked out through the window muttering, “yeh khamoshi hi behtar hai!”
He smiled at her antics and let her be to herself!
They reached her place….
He gets out first and comes to her side….Opening the door for her, he gently lifts up her legs and turn her to the side…She then slowly slides down and gets out….He holds her so that her leg doesn’t feel the jerk or doesn’t land on the ground with a thud thus hurting her…..
She steps aside and he closes the door…..He takes the bag and file from the back seat….She holds out her hand to take it but he keeps it to himself, “main tumhe ghar tak chodh dehtha hoom…”
Sakshi protests, “nahi…..usski zaroorat nahi….main chali jaavungi…”
But he was stubborn as always and had already walked a few steps ahead forcing her to follow him…..
They walk to the elevator…..Adding to all their problems, the lift wasn’t working…..
Since it was past midnight, the lift man wasn’t there and the watchman was missing too…..
He looked at her while she shook her head in frustration and spoke, “humesha aisa hi hota hai….shit!”
Arjun: kaunsa floor hai?
Sakshi: 3rd floor…..file aur bag dho Arjun….thanks again for the lift… [She finished as if asking him to leave and bids him bye]
But he stood still in his tracks and looked at her as if enquiring how she would climb so many stairs in this state……
She could read what was going on in his mind….No she couldn’t handle that closeness…..Giving him the trouble was also out of question……..She couldn’t allow it…..
She shook her head in denial and turned to the steps but he was quicker….he grabbed her wrist and stopped her….
Even before she could turn back to face him, she was up in his arms once again!
She didn’t protest but her eyes reflected her denial but he ignored it and started climbing up the stairs…
He looked away from those enquiring eyes but even then her queries reached him….His mind could sense her confusions…….
Her questions were the same and seemed endless…..”Why? What was the reason for his change? Was it guilt?”
He looked at her once….he couldn’t resist looking into her eyes…….their eyes met just once and that was enough for her to read his….….she didn’t see guilt now…it was something else…something more….care, concern or what was it?
His looking away from her was enough proof to show that he was impacted by her….by their intimate closeness….well she was in the same state too……
The magical moments were sure triggering off some hidden or buried feelings which lay in the deepest of them…….He had always repelled her like a magnet repelling the like poles but were they alike to get repelled…..well no, they were extremely different…..opposite to each other….every aspect in them differed………And as they say opposite poles only attract!
And perhaps it was true……he was consciously trying to repel her realizing that he was losing it to her charms, her magical smile and bubbly talks….He continuously shut himself up and repelled the attraction he felt towards her by his harsh rude behavior…..The taunts he gave her were mere gimmicks to keep her away from him! His rudeness was an act, a false pretense to scare her away because he feared…yes the ACP dreaded the attraction he felt towards her!
Perhaps he was afraid of falling in love with her…..or was he already falling for her?
He felt that his mask of hatred and indifference was slowly slipping away…..the wall he had built between them was melting down……her state and his guilt feeling were partially responsible for his sudden mellowing down!
His wandering mind was brought to the present by her voice…….”Arjun…..dekho lift teek hogaya……”
The lights on the buttons were on indicating that the elevator was working now!
They were in the first floor now….He snapped out hearing her and took her to the elevator and placed her down gently!
She pressed the button and waited for the lift to come up……He stood by her side but she looked at him as if telling him that she would be fine now and he could leave…but she didn’t voice it out……Though he could read her thoughts, he didn’t move a bit….He stepped into the elevator behind her…..
The ascent to the 3rd floor was silent…..She stepped out first hoping he wouldn’t follow but he proved her wrong yet again!
He stepped out and her apartment was just opposite to it…….She opened the door and looked at him….He just stood at the door while she switched on the lights….
She turned around to him while he stood as if bidding bye…..
He voiced, “main chaltha hoom….apna khayaal rakhna..”
Sakshi nodded “hmm…”
He starts turning back to the lift when something inside her house drew his focus…….
He instantly looked back to it…..She didn’t understand what he was looking at and her eyes also darted to the same direction…..
It was her dad’s photo placed on the wall……her dad and herself! A memory of their happy moments…..Happy times which only lived in memories now!
He stepped inside and walked to the photo……
She was confused but walked behind him…..
Pointing to the photo, he turned to her, “yeh toh….”
She snapped him and replied, “yeh mere papa hai”
He was truly stunned hearing that…..Mr Anand Verma……his mentor, his role model, his guide during his days in the training academy was Sakshi’s dad!
He had mentioned about his only daughter a few times but Arjun knew nothing more about his family! So this came as a big surprise!
Sakshi could see that he knew more of her dad…..she enquired, “Do you know him?”
Arjun’s eyes showed excitement…it glittered…He replied, “haan mere aur Sam ke…..[she looked at him hearing him mention Sam…she could understand that it was Sameer that he was talking about but he intantly corrected himself] I mean mere aur Rathod ke mentor teh!”
She just gave a faint smile hearing it……she didn’t shown any signs of excitement or surprise quite contrary to herself……He didn’t fail to notice that difference in her!
He added further “woh kaise hai??? ab kahaan hai unnki posting?”
His words hadn’t left him but she replied, “Saansen chalthi hai…..[pauses for a moment] zindha hai….”
Her eyes filled up uncontrollably as she said that! She never wanted to break down like that but she did….. She walked away from him not wanting to show it off to him but nothing of it missed him!
Her broken up voice and her tears weren’t hidden from him…..
He didn’t think twice but just walked to her side………He slowly placed his hand on her shoulders and voiced, “Sakshi….”
She was crying…..her house, her private sanctum was the only place where she let her vulnerable side out……and today she had someone as witness to this side of her……
All her false happy ever smiling pretense washed away and now the real Sakshi stood before him……..
He had been already feeling guilty and now after knowing who she was, his feelings only increased n folds……her tears didn’t cease and something pricked him deep within when he saw her tears…….
He had to know what was wrong…..where it went wrong…..and what had happened to her father?
He also felt guilty for having lost touch with the man for whom he had great regards……
The busy life after leaving the academy and then his own tragedy had put him off track and distanced him from all! But now, he wanted to know everything!
But before all that, he had to handle her tears…..He turned her around to face him…..she stood crying with her head lowered…..He wiped her tears and stepped closer to her patting her shoulders to console her……
Two years of suffering alone and suffocating within herself…with none to comfort her was like hell to her…..Now his comforting presence was more than what she could take in….She just crashed to him burying her face in his chest and broke down completely…..
He couldn’t stop her….rather he didn’t want to stop her….he just held her warmly and allowed her to pour out all her suffocating emotions as tears!
“Lafzon Se Jo Tha Pareh
Khaali Pann Ko Jo Bhare
Kuch Toh Tha Tere Mere Darmiyaan
Rishte Ko Kya Modh Doon
Naata Yeh Ab Todh Doon
Ya Phir Yunhi Chodh Doon, Darmiyaan
Benaam Rishta Woh
Benaam Rishta Woh, Bechain Karta Jo
Ho Na Sake Jo Bayaan, Darmiyaan”
It doesnt end here but just a beginning to something new…..
“Some stories never end…Every end is just another beginning!”