torsdag 22 augusti 2013

Soham to give Rajji the status of his Wife, Bani to lie before her family.

Bani-Ishq Da Kalma is surely grabbing eye-balls these days with it’s current track. Rajji’s fight against Survival and Bani on the run for repeating History has struck a chord with the audience.
Rajji has been giving tests one after the other to prove herself and make a place for herself in her Sasural. Soham’s Buaji has decided to get rid of Rajji out of the house and Soham’s life for which she has presented the 3rd Test to Rajji which is to Cook for a Large number of People. Buaji also denied permission to Rajji to go to her Maternal house when her Mom Binder called to inform about the alliance that came for Jas.
Soham will be seen going to Rajji’s house along with Rajji which will anger Bua Ji all the more. A furious Buaji will be seen shouting and scolding Rajji when Soham speaks up for Rajji by addressing and for the first time giving her the status of his Wife, even if Verbally.
On the other Hand things will get worse for Bani. Bani has been sent back to her house on the pretext of the new proposal that came for her sister when in reality she is being sent away for ever. Things will get a little tough to handle for Bani when everybody asks Bani about the lack of phone interaction between her and Parmeet. Things will get more complicated as Bani invites Manpreet to her house on the Day the prospective groom and family arrives to see her sister.
Manpreet and her family is trying to break off all ties with Bani, just like they did to Rano 20 Years back. Will they succeed?
The misery Rajji is being put through for no fault of hers has affected Soham in a deep way…Will he eventually learn to forgive her and accept this Relationship?
All that and more only on Colors Bani Ishq Da Kalma.

Edited By: Vijitha Rajan