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Pavitra Rishta - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.. - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Na Bole Tum... Na Maine Kuch Kaha - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Bani Ishq Da Kalma Hai - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi Meri Bhabhi - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Punar Vivah - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Madhubala - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Jodha Akbar - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Balika Vadhu - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

Qubool Hai - 29th July, 2013 [HD]

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Rubina Dilaik bags the role of Sita in Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev.

Actress Rubina Dilaik, who was recently seen in Zee TV’s Punar Vivaah — Zindagi Milegi Dobara as the famous TV celebrity Divya, but exited the show after her track failed to progress will now be seen in her first mythological character ever.
The gorgeous actress will not essay the role of Sita in the country’s most popular mythological show till date- Devon Ke Dev Mahadev produced by Triangle Films Pvt. Ltd.
After essaying the role of Radhika in Choti Bahu an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, it would finally be eye-pleasing to see the demure beauty essay the role of Devi Sita.

Edited By: Vijitha Rajan

Diya Aur Baati Hum: All good is Hard, All evil is Easy!!!!

Congratulations to Team DABH for topping the TRP Charts yet again aur top hogi kyun nahi, they are absolutely sure of what they want and what they have to showcase….. The Mittals have truly blessed Indian Television with Diya aur Baati Hum, which is an amazing entertainer and has the perfect combination of all the right ingredients that make a show Super Successful.
The Sabse Bada Champion Track is doing really well and why wouldn’t it? After all in a long time this has been the first time the show took a step towards showing Sandhya’s Dream become a reality….. The Competition is truly entertaining and going in full swing. With Emily and Sandhya both being a part of the competition and with Bhabho rooting for Emily than Sandhya for more selfish reasons the show has truly spiced up. Sandhya has showcased her best at every stage and done it with honestly unlike Emily who resorted to unfair methods. Which makes the viewers want Sandhya to win even more, something we hope will happen eventually, unless the CV’s resorts to some other Twist.
In the above paragraph we mentioned how Sandhya has always been honest and we do not limit this to only the competition but also the “Matka Challenge”, 2 of Sandhya’s Matka’s were broken for no fault of hers…. The first broke thanks to Chavvi’s lies and the second one well, it wouldn’t be fare to say that Sandhya took the blame upon herself and thus Bhabho broke the Matka, while that did happen literally if you look at it nobody came up with the truth exactly, neither did Emily nor did Meenakshi confess to being in Suraj’s shop on the night the shop was attacked by Pests. That along with Bhabho not wanting Sandhya to become an IPS officer was what drove Sandhya to take that particular step…..and now with Bhabho getting to know what happened exactly, but not knowing the reason behind it gives Sandhya an edge. What Bhabho’s mode of action will be once the truth comes out entirely is another story but the fact that the truth sans the reason has pinched Bhabho was totally worth the wait.
Emily and Mohit has managed to get hold of somebody from the Sabse Bada Champion crew to help them, they hope to win the Competition by resorting to unfair methods, but do they really stand a chance? The thing about Sandhya like they showed in tonight’s episode is she is confident but not over-confident, she is honest and believes in pursuing them. Emily and Sandhya both were shown studying, but Emily decides to cheat inspite of she preparing for the exam, while Sandhya calmly answers her husband that she was has prepared quite well for the Competition and was just going through her notes. The stark difference between the two is beautifully showcased and the constant comparison between makes the wait to the Victory worthy.
According to tonight’s episode and Precap Emily knows what exactly she needs to collect from the godown unlike the other contestants so how will the competition turn out to be? There is a possibility that the Particular stage/step gets completely changed or there is a chance that no matter what Emily knows, Sandhya will manage to do way better there are also chances that the entire ‘crew member helping Mohit-Emily’ track is staged by the authority and that Emily be disqualified towards the end. At this stage anything is possible and that makes watching the show without missing an episode all the more exciting. So don’t miss the upcoming episodes of Diya Aur Baati Hum, to know what happens next in TV’s number 1 show.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

Sach Ka Pardafaash – The race to the Finish: Punar Vivaah 2

OMG!!! Did that just happen?
Now we are not talking about Rohan trying his dirty tricks on Sarita, but did Sheila Just slap Sarita in front of an entire crowd? Wow what are the Mittal’s trying to show…having said that we totally love the Drama, but would love it more if Sarita’s moves were not so obvious.
Sarita who smelled “DANGER” the day Sheila confided in her Bhabhi of Rohan’s moves made it her mission to find out what Rohan was actually upto. And we are completely with Sarita on this front because we understand that the Makers are trying to see the Adarsh Bahu/Patni/Bhabhi concept here but like we said had she not made her moves this obvious viewers would actually side with Sarita 100% without any hesitation than they do today.
Sa rita follows Rohan, sees him go into a Bungalow, enters through the window which essentially means that she does not want to get caught spying Rohan and whoever he has come to meet but on an execution level we see Sarita actually walk coolly, and lets herself be seen. Instead of being smart about it she gives Rohan, Kajri and his Mom an opportunity to frame her. Women today are far more smart and intelligent and Sarita being blamed, insulted and framed easily does not actually appease the audience. Eventually the truth will be exposed, but the price in terms of creativity seems to be a little to jarring.
Raj standing up for Sarita when Rohan and his Mom, wove a web of lies and pointed fingers at Sarita’s Morality was not exactly expected but the fact the makers incorporated such a scene made a lot of difference. Raj sides with Sarita, speaks for her, questions the others who even thought that Sarita would stoop low before all, he restores her dignity and honor back in full swing and is supported by none other than his father in this decision. While it was obvious that Papa Ji had other things on mind, he speaking in favor of Raj and Srita is not something that Mummy Ji, Sheila and Rohan would have expected. The best part however was that Raj reserved his thoughts’s and questions about what she was up to, about his confusion up until the duo were alone was truly a Awww move. Raj and Sarita never lived like Pati-Patni, they haven’t even talked to each other properly in the last 10 Years but the moment Raj and Sarita truly interacted all thanks to Divya, it looks as if they were always like this, an understanding couple who knew and sensed the other without even the actual needs for words. Raj knew his comments, his queries were best if asked alone because it was between him and his wife and not something of public display. He asks her the reason, reprimands her for being on her own and decides to get to the bottom of the truth with Sarita.
Raj slaps Rohan and Rohan’s mom pledges to return the favor and she gets it done. Sheila who used to worship Sarita, who sided with Sarita even without thinking twice slaps her Bhabhi before an entire crown who is not only elder to her in relation, but age too. Well after believing Rohan’s cooked up story and after having the audacity to question the woman who actually fought for Sheila and Rohan’s marriage (Before the Kajri Chapter) one does not expect treatment with high regard from Sheila but Slap??? That was a sure shocker and because of the whole “Get me Rohan, else I will die” drama nobody says or does anything. We truly hope and wish that once the truth comes out in the open, after the “Sach Ka Parda Faash”, Raj returns this favor back to his Kid Sister with equal fervor. Sarita we are sure will not do anything about it, but the way Raj looked at Sarita and then at Sheila did not exactly convey “Bravo Sister!!!”
Rohan’s truth will be exposed, how the whole thing will be played out is something that has intrigued us and the audience as well….Sarita who was making all the wrong movies until now has caught the nerve of the situation as she realizes that the weakest link is Kajri. With Raj and Sarita on Mission Expose Rohan, and Sarita now diverting her focus on Kajri things will surely get spiced up. Looking forward to another dhamakedaar week where hopefully Sarita and Raj will have the upper hand

Author: Vijitha Rajan

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: The Game called Life!!!! (Analysis and Symbolism)

The past two episodes of Bani Ishq Da Kalma had to be the best of the lot….aur waise bhi such episodes which brings the truth out, where there is emotional drama etc tend to impress the viewers more and in all likelihood the makers of the show have managed to capture the interest of the viewers with the truth coming out in the open.
Buaji’s character essayed by the amazing Upasana Singh is one strong and amazing woman, nothing escapes her eyes….. The discomfort shown by Simran, Soham etc and the not so kind treatment by Simran towards Rajji had aroused her suspicion. With Simran telling the truth regarding what happened on the day of the wedding, one would expect Buaji to react the way she did, because this was not simply a misunderstanding that was created, more than that it was pure Betrayal. One moment Desho asks Soham to marry Bani, because she feared Parmeet wouldn’t make it on time and the instant Parmeet walks through the doors apologizing for his delay, she decides to listen to Mamiji’s advice and turn the tables around…..Did she ask Mamiji or for that matter anybody when she requested Soham to marry Bani? No!!! So just like Bani’s father pointed out, she was being nothing but selfish….She could have cleared out the entire Misunderstanding, because she was privy to everything that was happening, instead she decides to secure the future of her daughter…..and we are sure that everybody would have agreed to this motherly instinct had it not been at the cost of 2 other lives…Soham’s and Rajji’s.
Both Soham and Rajji are hurting and one can never measure the intensity of Pain, but having said that it’s Rajji’s condition that is heart wrenching….She got married to a Man who she knew was madly in love with her sister (Bani), because Bani had assured that she had talked to Soham. Inspite of knowing the truth her own Tai Ji chose to not once thinking of the consequences and the impact it would have on her life, especially when Soham had agreed to marrying Bani and not Rajji…..She is being treated like an outcast ever since she stepped into Soham’s house… and those who knew the truth in this case Badi Maa and Maami Ji not once thought about what Rajji’s state of mind was back then when they decided to betray her who was already betrayed.
Amreek had run away from the marriage leaving Rajji behind, she was already heartbroken and instead of mending it they got her married to Soham who Desho knew would never accept Rajji. It shouldn’t be surprising to Desho when Nirveil asked His Parjayiji…”If she had any sort of Dushmani with Rajji?” because clearly Desho ruined Rajji’s life. Rajji’s state leaves you numb as her own family members (Tai Ji and Mami Ji) pushed her into this Pit from which resurfacing looks almost impossible plus with everybody at her Sasuarl turning against her even for no fault of hers…..One can only assume what life has in store for this one!!!!
Finally Rajji speaks up, when Bani probes her to and she confides in her sister that Soham had asked her to keep quiet and not inform Bani anything because he did not want to hurt her….The patience, the calm and composed manner Rajji spoke the truth keeping her pain and sufferings to herself would make anybody wonder…and ask “Kiss Mitti Ki Bani hai yeh Ladki?” The guy she is talking about is her husband; the girl she is talking to is her sister who happens to be the love of Soham’s life….how could anybody bring about to say this? Neha Bagga simply leaves you speechless and even if Shefali Sharma is the central lead, Neha steals the show completely.
Soham treats Rajji rudely for no fault of hers; he believes she is equally at fault because HE CAN’T LOVE HER and GIVE HER THE STATUS OF HIS WIFE. Maana ki Soham was also betrayed, but Rajji was equally betrayed….. Soham is going through herll, and Rajji certainly does not look like is in paradise right now….How is him treating her unfairly going to ease his pain? While one can associate with Soham and his pains at many levels, his treatment when it comes to Rajji makes it harder to side with him…..but hopefully soon we’ll see that Soham realizes Rajji’s part in the whole betrayal which is –NOTHING!!!
The pain of a father, the helplessness was portrayed to the T by Sooraj Thappar who essays the role of Nirveil. Initially he says curses himself for all that happened to his daughter, including his indifference to his daughter’s pleads. Nirveil has promised to make sure that his daughter no longer suffers and also keep the betrayal done by Desho close to his heart forever.
SYMBOLSIM: The entire truth comes out and the inference drawn as we all know is that Desho did this for the NRI/Canada dream of hers and the well-being of her daughter but the fact that she chose to do this by ruining the lives of two innocent people does not go well with Sarabjit…..and he resorts to burning the Dummy Aircraft, which kept Desho’s dream alive….. This is the one dream that Desho saw with even eyes open, her Bani getting married to an NRI, living a life of luxury abroad something that she could never do and it’s that dream Sarabjit burns….Keeping the current affairs at Bani’s Sasural in mind, and the whole mystery surrounding them the above act of Sarabjit can be symbolic of Bani not being able to take that flight ever……Parmeet has sent Visa Papers so that Bani can join in ASAP in Canada, along with this the family members are trying hard to keep “A SECRET” under wraps and Manpreet keeps mentioning that History should never repeat and that she will see to it that the same (NRI Fake Marriage) does not happen with Bani……Clearly something is not right and does not measure up well……So it can be concluded that Bani’s life is not going to be a bed full of roses.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

Meri Bhabhi: Fraud Bobby Leaves Shergill Family Distressed!!!

Kabhi Kabhi Badon ki baat maan leni chahiye…Irrespective of whether he/she is Saga ya Sautela….. Mummy Ji and Anand tried their best, did everything possible to make everybody see that Bobby was not exactly who he claims to be, and they never actually went overboard with it….all they asked was to think thoroughly before any decision was taken and Viola!!!! What happens? Turns out that Bobby was a fraud who cheated people for money…. Well this time he went one step ahead, after all he cheated his own wife and in-laws in the process.
It was heart wrenching to see Shradha to not go hug Amrit (Step Mom) when she stood there with arms open hoping that she would bid Good Bye to her too like the rest of the family, but Shradha walks away coldly leaving Amrit Ji in tears and an understanding smile that not everybody is capable of such kindness, such humbleness……Even if Step Mom Amrit did not treat Shradha indifferently, when Shradha was brought back after the whole Bobby fiasco she was there for her like any mother would be, but Shradha was always reluctant and even after being nothing but loving, caring & considerate Shradha treats Amrit real bad, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that “Bhagwan ke ghar der hai par andher nahi”, right? Samjhe nahi……read on!!!
Bobby had left Shradha and Dhruv in a rather bad state when Anand reached out to them, she was learning to live again when Bobby makes a comeback, seeks forgiveness and all the usual drama….. With his Charm and excellent acting skills, Bobby wraps each and every member of the Shergill family onto his fingers, with the exception of Amrit and Anand (Who gave in due to the rest) and the moment he proposed to start life afresh with Shradha and Dhruv, Shradha forgets everything done by Bobby. It’s true when life gives you a second chance you should never let go, but it’s also true that after being treated in such a manner by the man who promised to cherish you for life…. You tend to be more alert. Which Shardha in this case wasn’t….Result: Bobby once again Betrays Shradha and Dhruv.
The one that Anand made quite clear to his wife was not to lie to him, and here Kittu does exactly that what he asked her not to….Yes she did it for a good cause, like all she too believed that Bobby-Shradha and Dhruv would finally be a happy family and for that if money was a hindrance she decided to see to it that it no longer was a hindrance, but sometimes it’s best to confide into someone. One word to Anand and Bobby would have never had succeeded in this betrayal game.
It would be interesting to watch the various dynamics at play here now that the truth has come out in the open…… It’s a sad and tragic phase for the Shergills, so like all SP drama one can truly look forward to the entire family coming together and fighting through this hard time.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

Saraswatichandra: Love and Responsibilty at crossroads!!!

Saraswatichandra is indeed going through an amazing phase with Saras and Kumud ending up under the same roof but with different statuses…She is no longer his Kumud but the Bahu of Dharmadhikari Family and somebody’s wife because he rejected her while he is no longer her Saras but a guest residing at her Sasural under the name of Naveen Chandra. Fate does play some cruel games at times……Who were destined to be together have been pulled apart by fate with infinite hurdles thrown between the two before they can unite (If Ever).
While the Hero-Heroine not ending up together may not cater to the audience, this creative decision made by the CV’s can actually get SC back in the game…..The track looks and feels fresh and most importantly another facet of Love has been showcased. As they say Love is not always about Happy Endings, there is sufferings, heartbreaks etc too and SC seems to have taken to treat that particular path and honestly by doing this the makers have actually managed to grab the viewers attention…..Wouldn’t we want to know what would happen to Saras and Kumud? Ofcourse we do……!!!!
The conversation between Kumud and Krish( Kid) could have been a little more realistic….Such scenes does make you wonder why can’t Kids simply be kids? Having said that the conversation did Trigger those memories in Kumud for which she felt the need to thank Saras, had it not been for his rejection Kumud would not have ended up in this place as the wife of a man like Pramad in the first place. We have already seen that Kumud is not the one to forgive and forget easily, the last time Saras rejected Kumud, she made sure that he realized and felt bad every minute of the day for what he did. It’s true that she thought of Saras as her soul mate after the dream and the words of her father (Saras’s Proposal) but it was Saras’s coward act of rejecting her through a letter that angered her the most before it became a matter of ego.
But this time Saras had actually crossed every limit…..While there are counter-arguments like he was not in his senses, Guman had played her evil game and his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of his mother death, his father’s deceit etc….we agree to these points completely but Saras did not give Kumud even the slightest hope that he would return for her. He was not ready to listen not ready to talk…in short he was completely unrelenting and left her with no choice but to gamble with her life. Plus in this case her parent’s Izzat was at stake and the daughter that Kumud is she would never stand there watching her parents get mocked for an act where neither her parents, nor she was at fault.
Kumud is driven by anger and rejection at this point and we love her character portrayal for not exactly being the Mahaan Naari that certain Indian shows churn out…. She fought for Saras with all her might, she pleaded, she ordered, she literally begged for him to come back to her so that they could sort out whatever it was that was bothering him but all in vain. He love was mocked , she was mocked for the 2nd time by the same Man, you don’t exactly expect Kumud to be a tyaag ki murti, which thankfully she is not……We love the way she is been showcased these days, the attitude the character strength she is showcasing is really remarkable…..be it towards her husband Pramad, Saras or Kanika….She has not actually shown herself to be a weakling except on the night of her wedding when her husband showed his true colors.
Her love and anger for Saras was beautifully pictured when at one point she refused to talk to him by showing power and authority (Her current status) the next moment she punches (Not literally) Kanika right in the face when she threatens to throw Saras out of the house. The extent of her love and her anger was shown in both these scenes and it would be interesting to watch more of these…..
Finally the Desai family got to know the truth about what happened right from the reason behind Saras’s rejection, his leaving Laxminandan Vyas’s house, the letter, Saras realizing his mistake, leaving for India etc etc….Everything came out before them. Badi Maa’s decision to keep Kumud in the dark with the actual truth could actually cause more harm. She said Love happens by Heart and Marriage by Fate……Kumud’s love did not see the light of the day, but her Fate in this case was written by her elders…..They got her married into the Dharmadhikari Family, did they even once try and find out how the Groom is? No!!! So where this journey will take her will be truly interesting to look out for because on one side is the love of her life and the other side is the fate she has been destined to live…

Author: Vijitha Rajan

Madhubala: Madhubala & RK to reunite after proving Sultan alive

Madhubala: Madhubala & RK to reunite after proving Sultan aliveAmong all the twists happening in most popular Tv drama Madhubala – Ek ishq EK Junoon, lot more twists to come at every step.
Serial's main female lead Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) will not be able to prove her celebrity husband RK (Vivian Dsena) innocent in court at first but she will play game with Sultan and get RK free after she gets to know that Sultan is alive.
In the last episode of Madhubala, RK’s case became weak due to disclosed Madhubala’s efforts to bribe prosecutor and RK’s anger on prosecutor.
Another important revelation showed that Deepali is behind creating all the problems for RK and Madhubala.
In the coming episode, Madhubala will get blank calls from Sultan.
Sultan will come in front of Madhubala and Madhubala will be finally be happy that now she can save her husband.
Madhubala will use Sultan and get RK freed.
Let’s see how much more pain Rk & Madhubala have to go through before they reunite once again.

Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 6: Drashti Dhami, Salman Y Khan's Jive dance

Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 6: Drashti Dhami, Salman Y KhanJhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 6 (JDJ 6): Drashti Dhami and Salman Yusuf Khan's Jive Dance performance on 28th July 2013 (28.07.13)   

In Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa on Colors, Drashti Dhami and partner choreographer Salman Yusuf Khan Jive dance number on 28th July 2013 (28.07.13) was energetic and wonderfully executed.
Judge Madhuri Dixit called Drashti Dhami's Jive dance performance a wonderful act and fantastic.
Judge Remo D'souza called Drashti Dhami's Jive dance performance fantastic and also found all the dance steps to be perfect.
Judge Karan Johar told Drashti Dhami that her Jive dance performance was energetic from the beginning to the end.

Drashti Dhami's total scores by judges:

Judge Madhuri Dixit gave Drashti Dhami 10 points
Judge Remo Dsouza gave Drashti Dhami 10 points
Judge Karan Johar gave Drashti Dhami 10 points
Drashti Dhami's total score: 30 points out of 30

Story Behind the Pictures We Take of Asad and Zoya of Qubool Hai! + New Pic's..

Story Behind the Pictures We Take of Asad and Zoya of Qubool Hai!

Forum 32 is lucky enough to be with the most popular On-Screen Jodi of Gold Awards, Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui of Qubool Hai, played by scintillating Karan Singh Grover and effervescent Surbhi Jyoti at numerous occasions. And we have over the period developed what we, i.e. us and them, started calling our AsYa (Asad – Zoya combined nomenclature) Pose.

The classic one is where Asad stands behind Zoya and gives a look to Zoya (which she obviously cannot see) and is perhaps their best pose (even if we say so ourselves). The expressions each one gives is amazing. And then there are times when Zoya feels something that Asad will do that will make the picture look different from what she had thought and turns around and says “Mujhe pataa tha aap aisa hi kuch kareinge.” And will tell us to delete the picture, which we have done many a times.

Yesterday after a long time, we all felt like doing our thing, yes that means the AsYa pose. And we had a few attempts. We shall put a couple of pictures that will tell you what Zoya says and what you can now see in the picture. Also, she asked both Karan and us why does he stand behind her and there is an explanation for this. Yes, this question has come from followers too.
The story is as Karan said to us. He showed us in fact. So, the thing is, he stands behind Zoya so he can protect her. From front with left hand from back, side and anywhere else with right. And he demonstrated it for us. A couple of pictures to showcase that to you.
We believe our best photoshoot was of the dream sequence. What do you  think?
Let us know how you like our pictures, from Qubool Hai, a show that you watch on Zee TV every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm.
More Pic's to come..

Qubool Hai – Ajmer Shoot BTS – All Videos

Forum 32 had the privilege of being at the grounds, dogging each step of the Qubool Hai shoot that happened in Rajasthan. While, it is not possible to shoot each and every minute (there is something known as “space” on SD card that is limited), we shot the important segments that would showcase not just the beauty that is Rajasthan, but the way the camera of Qubool Hai’s team captured the artists, Karan Singh Grover who plays Asad Ahmed Khan, Surbhi Jyoti who is Zoya Farooqui and Amrapali Gupta who is Tanveer.

Here are the videos that we compiled and yes there were so many that it took us longer than we anticipated to compile all of them.

We also would like to let you know that both Karan and Surbhi are one of the most professional people we have met and the way they walked barefeet on the hot sands, walked endlessly in the Sun and tried to be invisible in the crowd at Ajmer Sharif was outstanding.

Watch the videos. One of them we had put up earlier but we feel, it got buried in the number of videos we put up in last few days. So, here they are for you.

Do give us feedback on them.

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Madhubala - 26th July, 2013 [HD]

Saraswatichadra: I Love You, but I can’t Forgive You!!!

I love you, but I can’t forgive you!!!
This is exactly what Kumud is doing and what she is going through right now…Kumud is still truly, deeply and madly in love with him, but she can’t expres it and she won’t express it….She can’t because of her marital status and she won’t because Saras has inflicted a real deep wound by rejecting her hand in marriage and by mocking her love.
Kumud walks away from Saras, she tries to be indifferent and does everything possible to show that she has moved on in life but will never forget what Saras did to her and so the indifference… but with every step she takes towards doing this, she is inflicting the same amount of pain upon herself. Saras has understood that Kumud does love him, the Breakfast table scene was a perfect example, but is that really sufficient after what he did?
It’s clear that Kumud is in no mood to forget or forgive what Saras did to her, because like it or not he put her in that spot in the first place. So it definitely does not look like that any amount of Confession, Apologies etc would melt Kumud’s heart. The tug of war between Kumud’s heart and brain clearly shows that she is in a Fix, her heart goes out to Saras, but every time she is reminded of their love, she is also reminded of how Saras himself was responsible for where they stood today…….Kehne ke liye they were standing in the same room, but were still miles away from each other and Saras’ one “NO” was responsible for the same.
All said and done, we wonder where the story is headed to, or better where the story is coz as of now we fail to see any…..Kumud got married to Pramad, there is a whole lot to be explored in this context, yet nothing has been shown so far….. Kumud and Saras are under the same roof but their story has come to a standstill….. The rest of the characters, especially Guman is terribly missed…. She played her cards well and got what she wanted but isn’t it time for making her next move? Danny was asked to leave on the day of his brother and Kumud’s marriage; shouldn’t he be back and asking for his Bhaiyya Bhabhi?
Overall the charm of the show is heavily missing; there is no movement whatsoever and thus no progress… Except for amazing performances from the leads there isn’t anything new that Saraswatichandra has been able to offer. Emotions look beautiful and become more effective only when backed by a good drama a department in which SC is clearly lacking these days. Is this the downfall of another saga? Only time will tell

Author: Vijitha Rajan

Surbhi Jyoti – Exclusive Forum 32 Pictures!