fredag 2 augusti 2013

Saraswatichandra: Pramad evil avatar for Kumud (Jennifer Winget)

Saraswatichandra: Pramad evil avatar for Kumud (Jennifer Winget)The upcoming episode will bring a violent and evil avatar of Kumud’s (Jennifer Winget) husband Pramad in SaraswatiChandra on Star Plus.
It is being shown that Pramad is torchering and beating Kumud badly but she did not say anything for her family's dignity.
No one of the family members know about Pramad’s misbehaviour with Kumud expect Saraswati Chandra (Gautam Rode).
However Saras gave a challenge to Kumud to tell about Pramad to family but she refused.
It will now be shown that Kumud and family members will be shocked to see Pramad in drunken state and breaking things of the house.
If this will not be enough; Pramad will also be seen beating a servant badly.