söndag 28 juli 2013

Saraswatichandra: Love and Responsibilty at crossroads!!!

Saraswatichandra is indeed going through an amazing phase with Saras and Kumud ending up under the same roof but with different statuses…She is no longer his Kumud but the Bahu of Dharmadhikari Family and somebody’s wife because he rejected her while he is no longer her Saras but a guest residing at her Sasural under the name of Naveen Chandra. Fate does play some cruel games at times……Who were destined to be together have been pulled apart by fate with infinite hurdles thrown between the two before they can unite (If Ever).
While the Hero-Heroine not ending up together may not cater to the audience, this creative decision made by the CV’s can actually get SC back in the game…..The track looks and feels fresh and most importantly another facet of Love has been showcased. As they say Love is not always about Happy Endings, there is sufferings, heartbreaks etc too and SC seems to have taken to treat that particular path and honestly by doing this the makers have actually managed to grab the viewers attention…..Wouldn’t we want to know what would happen to Saras and Kumud? Ofcourse we do……!!!!
The conversation between Kumud and Krish( Kid) could have been a little more realistic….Such scenes does make you wonder why can’t Kids simply be kids? Having said that the conversation did Trigger those memories in Kumud for which she felt the need to thank Saras, had it not been for his rejection Kumud would not have ended up in this place as the wife of a man like Pramad in the first place. We have already seen that Kumud is not the one to forgive and forget easily, the last time Saras rejected Kumud, she made sure that he realized and felt bad every minute of the day for what he did. It’s true that she thought of Saras as her soul mate after the dream and the words of her father (Saras’s Proposal) but it was Saras’s coward act of rejecting her through a letter that angered her the most before it became a matter of ego.
But this time Saras had actually crossed every limit…..While there are counter-arguments like he was not in his senses, Guman had played her evil game and his mind was preoccupied with thoughts of his mother death, his father’s deceit etc….we agree to these points completely but Saras did not give Kumud even the slightest hope that he would return for her. He was not ready to listen not ready to talk…in short he was completely unrelenting and left her with no choice but to gamble with her life. Plus in this case her parent’s Izzat was at stake and the daughter that Kumud is she would never stand there watching her parents get mocked for an act where neither her parents, nor she was at fault.
Kumud is driven by anger and rejection at this point and we love her character portrayal for not exactly being the Mahaan Naari that certain Indian shows churn out…. She fought for Saras with all her might, she pleaded, she ordered, she literally begged for him to come back to her so that they could sort out whatever it was that was bothering him but all in vain. He love was mocked , she was mocked for the 2nd time by the same Man, you don’t exactly expect Kumud to be a tyaag ki murti, which thankfully she is not……We love the way she is been showcased these days, the attitude the character strength she is showcasing is really remarkable…..be it towards her husband Pramad, Saras or Kanika….She has not actually shown herself to be a weakling except on the night of her wedding when her husband showed his true colors.
Her love and anger for Saras was beautifully pictured when at one point she refused to talk to him by showing power and authority (Her current status) the next moment she punches (Not literally) Kanika right in the face when she threatens to throw Saras out of the house. The extent of her love and her anger was shown in both these scenes and it would be interesting to watch more of these…..
Finally the Desai family got to know the truth about what happened right from the reason behind Saras’s rejection, his leaving Laxminandan Vyas’s house, the letter, Saras realizing his mistake, leaving for India etc etc….Everything came out before them. Badi Maa’s decision to keep Kumud in the dark with the actual truth could actually cause more harm. She said Love happens by Heart and Marriage by Fate……Kumud’s love did not see the light of the day, but her Fate in this case was written by her elders…..They got her married into the Dharmadhikari Family, did they even once try and find out how the Groom is? No!!! So where this journey will take her will be truly interesting to look out for because on one side is the love of her life and the other side is the fate she has been destined to live…

Author: Vijitha Rajan