söndag 28 juli 2013

Madhubala: Madhubala & RK to reunite after proving Sultan alive

Madhubala: Madhubala & RK to reunite after proving Sultan aliveAmong all the twists happening in most popular Tv drama Madhubala – Ek ishq EK Junoon, lot more twists to come at every step.
Serial's main female lead Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) will not be able to prove her celebrity husband RK (Vivian Dsena) innocent in court at first but she will play game with Sultan and get RK free after she gets to know that Sultan is alive.
In the last episode of Madhubala, RK’s case became weak due to disclosed Madhubala’s efforts to bribe prosecutor and RK’s anger on prosecutor.
Another important revelation showed that Deepali is behind creating all the problems for RK and Madhubala.
In the coming episode, Madhubala will get blank calls from Sultan.
Sultan will come in front of Madhubala and Madhubala will be finally be happy that now she can save her husband.
Madhubala will use Sultan and get RK freed.
Let’s see how much more pain Rk & Madhubala have to go through before they reunite once again.

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