onsdag 24 juli 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 24th July 2013 Written Update

Mohan falling from the cliff and Megha shown looking at her and Mohan’s picture. Megha thinks that it has been two years since Mohan left and she is living the same way that he always liked. Megha thinks that RJ is the only person left who connects her to Mohan. Megha recounts how RJ made a wish on her birthday. FB shown. RJ tells Megha that she wants to meet he real mother once. RJ tells Megha that she wants to live with her always but she just wants to know who it is. RJ says she can never meet her Papu again but her mother must be around. Megha agrees and RJ hugs her. End of FB. Start of FB Megha asks Guru where he found RJ. Guru says RJ was not found at a temple, he says he lied to Mohan as he was broken because of Addu’s kidnapping. Guru says he thought Mohan would be become alright only when he could look after another kid. Guru says he got RJ from an orphanage. Megha asks Guru if he has any record or info on the orphanage. Guru says yes. End of FB. Megha thinks they are trying to fulfill that promise. Megha and RJ arrive in Mumbai.
Megha and RJ in a taxi heading to someplace. RJ asks Megha why they are going to that place. Megha says her mother’s last known location was that place so it is better they live there. Megha and RJ arrive at a place called Ganesh Chawl. RJ asks Megha what a Chawl. Megha says it is like a palace but with a lot of rooms. RJ says this is not like a palace. Megha says but this is big like a palace and you are my princess. RJ is happy. Megha asks someone for Sridhar Vaidya’s house.
Megha at someone’s house. The man tells Megha that he is sorry to know what happened to her. The man asks Megha if she can live in this place. The man’s wife says she can obviously live there and quotes the rent & depositThe lady shows Megha and RJ the house and their bedroom. Megha asks if there is no water. The lady says a tanker comes everyday and people have to fill water from there. The lady tells Megha that she cannot find a better house in Mumbai at such rates. The lady asks for the rent. The man tries to dissuade Megha from taking the house. Megha asks the man if he knows someone by the name of Naina. The man says he has never heard the name again. The lady asks Megha to stay back and keep searching but to pay the rent on time.
Megha takes her luggage inside. RJ tries to help. RJ tries to keep a towel on a bed but the lady comes there says she cannot keep the towel there. The man comes and tells Megha that their daughter lives in the room. The lady refuses to return the deposit amount as she has kept it near the mandir. The lady tells Megha not to worry as their daughter Ruku never stays at home as she is always with her “Aai” who is a great personality herself.
Ruku shown talking on the phone warning someone and telling the person on the that her Aai wants a relation between her and Vasu. Ruku cuts the line and tries to take water. Megha stops her but Ruku warns her. Ruku starts talking on the phone again. Megha starts filling her pot again. Ruku cuts the call and asks Megha if she knows who she is. She tries to wrestle the pot out of Megha’s hands but Megha puts her hand away. Megha gives a wink to RJ and walks away. Ruku is left fuming and she shouts for Vasu. Silohuette of a man shown. A man is sitting on the hood of a car. A man(with a wounded hand) come and calls him Vasu bhai.
Precap: Maha-Sangam promo shown.

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