söndag 28 juli 2013

Story Behind the Pictures We Take of Asad and Zoya of Qubool Hai!

Forum 32 is lucky enough to be with the most popular On-Screen Jodi of Gold Awards, Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui of Qubool Hai, played by scintillating Karan Singh Grover and effervescent Surbhi Jyoti at numerous occasions. And we have over the period developed what we, i.e. us and them, started calling our AsYa (Asad – Zoya combined nomenclature) Pose.

The classic one is where Asad stands behind Zoya and gives a look to Zoya (which she obviously cannot see) and is perhaps their best pose (even if we say so ourselves). The expressions each one gives is amazing. And then there are times when Zoya feels something that Asad will do that will make the picture look different from what she had thought and turns around and says “Mujhe pataa tha aap aisa hi kuch kareinge.” And will tell us to delete the picture, which we have done many a times.

Yesterday after a long time, we all felt like doing our thing, yes that means the AsYa pose. And we had a few attempts. We shall put a couple of pictures that will tell you what Zoya says and what you can now see in the picture. Also, she asked both Karan and us why does he stand behind her and there is an explanation for this. Yes, this question has come from followers too.
The story is as Karan said to us. He showed us in fact. So, the thing is, he stands behind Zoya so he can protect her. From front with left hand from back, side and anywhere else with right. And he demonstrated it for us. A couple of pictures to showcase that to you.
We believe our best photoshoot was of the dream sequence. What do you  think?
Let us know how you like our pictures, from Qubool Hai, a show that you watch on Zee TV every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm.
More Pic's to come..

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