söndag 28 juli 2013

Meri Bhabhi: Fraud Bobby Leaves Shergill Family Distressed!!!

Kabhi Kabhi Badon ki baat maan leni chahiye…Irrespective of whether he/she is Saga ya Sautela….. Mummy Ji and Anand tried their best, did everything possible to make everybody see that Bobby was not exactly who he claims to be, and they never actually went overboard with it….all they asked was to think thoroughly before any decision was taken and Viola!!!! What happens? Turns out that Bobby was a fraud who cheated people for money…. Well this time he went one step ahead, after all he cheated his own wife and in-laws in the process.
It was heart wrenching to see Shradha to not go hug Amrit (Step Mom) when she stood there with arms open hoping that she would bid Good Bye to her too like the rest of the family, but Shradha walks away coldly leaving Amrit Ji in tears and an understanding smile that not everybody is capable of such kindness, such humbleness……Even if Step Mom Amrit did not treat Shradha indifferently, when Shradha was brought back after the whole Bobby fiasco she was there for her like any mother would be, but Shradha was always reluctant and even after being nothing but loving, caring & considerate Shradha treats Amrit real bad, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that “Bhagwan ke ghar der hai par andher nahi”, right? Samjhe nahi……read on!!!
Bobby had left Shradha and Dhruv in a rather bad state when Anand reached out to them, she was learning to live again when Bobby makes a comeback, seeks forgiveness and all the usual drama….. With his Charm and excellent acting skills, Bobby wraps each and every member of the Shergill family onto his fingers, with the exception of Amrit and Anand (Who gave in due to the rest) and the moment he proposed to start life afresh with Shradha and Dhruv, Shradha forgets everything done by Bobby. It’s true when life gives you a second chance you should never let go, but it’s also true that after being treated in such a manner by the man who promised to cherish you for life…. You tend to be more alert. Which Shardha in this case wasn’t….Result: Bobby once again Betrays Shradha and Dhruv.
The one that Anand made quite clear to his wife was not to lie to him, and here Kittu does exactly that what he asked her not to….Yes she did it for a good cause, like all she too believed that Bobby-Shradha and Dhruv would finally be a happy family and for that if money was a hindrance she decided to see to it that it no longer was a hindrance, but sometimes it’s best to confide into someone. One word to Anand and Bobby would have never had succeeded in this betrayal game.
It would be interesting to watch the various dynamics at play here now that the truth has come out in the open…… It’s a sad and tragic phase for the Shergills, so like all SP drama one can truly look forward to the entire family coming together and fighting through this hard time.

Author: Vijitha Rajan