onsdag 24 juli 2013

Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi-Meri Bhabhi 24th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Papa getting angry on Kamini for bringing sweets again. Bobby comes to him and says I wanted to meet my aunty before leaving for Mumbai. Mummy says you can meet her for sure. Papa says take her blessings too. Papa says he feels good when Bobby calls him Papa, as he previously use to call him Sir. Bobby wins Papa’s heart and Papa blesses him. Bobby leaves. Papa says Bobby is a good guy. Mummy spends some time with Dhruv. Mummy gives some toys to Dhruv. Shraddha comes there and sees. Dhruv tells her about the toys. Shraddha sees the toys and says even I care about Dhruv’s toys. Mummy talks to her. Shraddha says you are right, kids don’t know the difference, but I know. Mummy requests her to always trust her dad, no matter she hates her, if any problem comes, then tell it to your Papa. You should not hide anything from us. This family is yours and will always be. Mummy leaves. Shraddha gets emotional and turns to see her but she is gone.
Papa meets Kittu’s dad and is glad to see her. Papa asks his friends to come over and they come. They all ask for Shraddha and Bobby. Papa sees Shraddha. A sad song Kehta hai Babul… plays in the background. He introduces Shraddha to his friends. Kittu’s dad blesses her. Papa hugs her. Shraddha cries. Papa says he wants to see only smile on her face. Anand asks Shraddha not to cry and hugs her. Ishaan says we will chat on internet. Shraddha hugs everyone. jaya says we will come to Mumbai next month to meet you. Shraddha sees Mummy. Mummy gives her hands to hug her, but Shraddha does not hug her. Mummy cries, everyone notices this. Shraddha then hugs Kittu and thanks her. Kittu says don’t make me a stranger, keep smiling and send your photos to us.
Papa says today I came to know what its like when a daughter lives the house. Everyone ask Papa to smile and send Shraddha. Papa hugs Shraddha again. Shraddha asks Ashish to bring her bag. Mummy asks Ishaan to keep the bags in the car. Dhruv says let Papa come.
Everyone ask about Bobby. Kittu asks where has he gone. Mummy says he went to meet his aunty. Papa asks Anand to call Bobby. jaya speaks bad saying did anything happen to Bobby. Mummy asks Anand to call Bobby’s aunty. Kittu gives him aunty’s number. Anand says no one is receiving the call.
Ashish says Bobby’s bag is not here. Shraddha says Bobby kept money in his bag. They ask the servant about the bag. The servant says Bobby took that bag with him. Everyone are puzzled. Shraddha gets tensed. Mummy asks Anand to call again. Anand says the call is not connecting. Anand looks at Shraddha. She says how can this be, I spoke to Bobby in the afternoon. Anand gets a call from his friend. He comes to know about Bobby. Anand is shocked. Mummy asks him what his friend told him. Anand tells everyone that you all want to know, Bobby is a cheat. Everyone are shocked.
Anand says I told you but no one listened to me, you all trusted Bobby and this is the result. Everyone are spell bound. Anand says Bobby has cheated everyone, he ran with money. Bobby is shown fleeing in a car. Anand says he has many legal cases against him. Shraddha is heart broken again. Anand says Bobby has run away from here too, he has taken the money also. Bobby is shown laughing and saying Sorry Shraddha and Kittu, I need money, stay in your Papa’s house. Everyone will take care of you, I will come back when I need money.

Anand says I don’t understand why he came here. Did he take money from anyone. Kittu falls on the stairs and cries.

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