söndag 28 juli 2013

Sach Ka Pardafaash – The race to the Finish: Punar Vivaah 2

OMG!!! Did that just happen?
Now we are not talking about Rohan trying his dirty tricks on Sarita, but did Sheila Just slap Sarita in front of an entire crowd? Wow what are the Mittal’s trying to show…having said that we totally love the Drama, but would love it more if Sarita’s moves were not so obvious.
Sarita who smelled “DANGER” the day Sheila confided in her Bhabhi of Rohan’s moves made it her mission to find out what Rohan was actually upto. And we are completely with Sarita on this front because we understand that the Makers are trying to see the Adarsh Bahu/Patni/Bhabhi concept here but like we said had she not made her moves this obvious viewers would actually side with Sarita 100% without any hesitation than they do today.
Sa rita follows Rohan, sees him go into a Bungalow, enters through the window which essentially means that she does not want to get caught spying Rohan and whoever he has come to meet but on an execution level we see Sarita actually walk coolly, and lets herself be seen. Instead of being smart about it she gives Rohan, Kajri and his Mom an opportunity to frame her. Women today are far more smart and intelligent and Sarita being blamed, insulted and framed easily does not actually appease the audience. Eventually the truth will be exposed, but the price in terms of creativity seems to be a little to jarring.
Raj standing up for Sarita when Rohan and his Mom, wove a web of lies and pointed fingers at Sarita’s Morality was not exactly expected but the fact the makers incorporated such a scene made a lot of difference. Raj sides with Sarita, speaks for her, questions the others who even thought that Sarita would stoop low before all, he restores her dignity and honor back in full swing and is supported by none other than his father in this decision. While it was obvious that Papa Ji had other things on mind, he speaking in favor of Raj and Srita is not something that Mummy Ji, Sheila and Rohan would have expected. The best part however was that Raj reserved his thoughts’s and questions about what she was up to, about his confusion up until the duo were alone was truly a Awww move. Raj and Sarita never lived like Pati-Patni, they haven’t even talked to each other properly in the last 10 Years but the moment Raj and Sarita truly interacted all thanks to Divya, it looks as if they were always like this, an understanding couple who knew and sensed the other without even the actual needs for words. Raj knew his comments, his queries were best if asked alone because it was between him and his wife and not something of public display. He asks her the reason, reprimands her for being on her own and decides to get to the bottom of the truth with Sarita.
Raj slaps Rohan and Rohan’s mom pledges to return the favor and she gets it done. Sheila who used to worship Sarita, who sided with Sarita even without thinking twice slaps her Bhabhi before an entire crown who is not only elder to her in relation, but age too. Well after believing Rohan’s cooked up story and after having the audacity to question the woman who actually fought for Sheila and Rohan’s marriage (Before the Kajri Chapter) one does not expect treatment with high regard from Sheila but Slap??? That was a sure shocker and because of the whole “Get me Rohan, else I will die” drama nobody says or does anything. We truly hope and wish that once the truth comes out in the open, after the “Sach Ka Parda Faash”, Raj returns this favor back to his Kid Sister with equal fervor. Sarita we are sure will not do anything about it, but the way Raj looked at Sarita and then at Sheila did not exactly convey “Bravo Sister!!!”
Rohan’s truth will be exposed, how the whole thing will be played out is something that has intrigued us and the audience as well….Sarita who was making all the wrong movies until now has caught the nerve of the situation as she realizes that the weakest link is Kajri. With Raj and Sarita on Mission Expose Rohan, and Sarita now diverting her focus on Kajri things will surely get spiced up. Looking forward to another dhamakedaar week where hopefully Sarita and Raj will have the upper hand

Author: Vijitha Rajan