söndag 28 juli 2013

Bani Ishq Da Kalma: The Game called Life!!!! (Analysis and Symbolism)

The past two episodes of Bani Ishq Da Kalma had to be the best of the lot….aur waise bhi such episodes which brings the truth out, where there is emotional drama etc tend to impress the viewers more and in all likelihood the makers of the show have managed to capture the interest of the viewers with the truth coming out in the open.
Buaji’s character essayed by the amazing Upasana Singh is one strong and amazing woman, nothing escapes her eyes….. The discomfort shown by Simran, Soham etc and the not so kind treatment by Simran towards Rajji had aroused her suspicion. With Simran telling the truth regarding what happened on the day of the wedding, one would expect Buaji to react the way she did, because this was not simply a misunderstanding that was created, more than that it was pure Betrayal. One moment Desho asks Soham to marry Bani, because she feared Parmeet wouldn’t make it on time and the instant Parmeet walks through the doors apologizing for his delay, she decides to listen to Mamiji’s advice and turn the tables around…..Did she ask Mamiji or for that matter anybody when she requested Soham to marry Bani? No!!! So just like Bani’s father pointed out, she was being nothing but selfish….She could have cleared out the entire Misunderstanding, because she was privy to everything that was happening, instead she decides to secure the future of her daughter…..and we are sure that everybody would have agreed to this motherly instinct had it not been at the cost of 2 other lives…Soham’s and Rajji’s.
Both Soham and Rajji are hurting and one can never measure the intensity of Pain, but having said that it’s Rajji’s condition that is heart wrenching….She got married to a Man who she knew was madly in love with her sister (Bani), because Bani had assured that she had talked to Soham. Inspite of knowing the truth her own Tai Ji chose to not once thinking of the consequences and the impact it would have on her life, especially when Soham had agreed to marrying Bani and not Rajji…..She is being treated like an outcast ever since she stepped into Soham’s house… and those who knew the truth in this case Badi Maa and Maami Ji not once thought about what Rajji’s state of mind was back then when they decided to betray her who was already betrayed.
Amreek had run away from the marriage leaving Rajji behind, she was already heartbroken and instead of mending it they got her married to Soham who Desho knew would never accept Rajji. It shouldn’t be surprising to Desho when Nirveil asked His Parjayiji…”If she had any sort of Dushmani with Rajji?” because clearly Desho ruined Rajji’s life. Rajji’s state leaves you numb as her own family members (Tai Ji and Mami Ji) pushed her into this Pit from which resurfacing looks almost impossible plus with everybody at her Sasuarl turning against her even for no fault of hers…..One can only assume what life has in store for this one!!!!
Finally Rajji speaks up, when Bani probes her to and she confides in her sister that Soham had asked her to keep quiet and not inform Bani anything because he did not want to hurt her….The patience, the calm and composed manner Rajji spoke the truth keeping her pain and sufferings to herself would make anybody wonder…and ask “Kiss Mitti Ki Bani hai yeh Ladki?” The guy she is talking about is her husband; the girl she is talking to is her sister who happens to be the love of Soham’s life….how could anybody bring about to say this? Neha Bagga simply leaves you speechless and even if Shefali Sharma is the central lead, Neha steals the show completely.
Soham treats Rajji rudely for no fault of hers; he believes she is equally at fault because HE CAN’T LOVE HER and GIVE HER THE STATUS OF HIS WIFE. Maana ki Soham was also betrayed, but Rajji was equally betrayed….. Soham is going through herll, and Rajji certainly does not look like is in paradise right now….How is him treating her unfairly going to ease his pain? While one can associate with Soham and his pains at many levels, his treatment when it comes to Rajji makes it harder to side with him…..but hopefully soon we’ll see that Soham realizes Rajji’s part in the whole betrayal which is –NOTHING!!!
The pain of a father, the helplessness was portrayed to the T by Sooraj Thappar who essays the role of Nirveil. Initially he says curses himself for all that happened to his daughter, including his indifference to his daughter’s pleads. Nirveil has promised to make sure that his daughter no longer suffers and also keep the betrayal done by Desho close to his heart forever.
SYMBOLSIM: The entire truth comes out and the inference drawn as we all know is that Desho did this for the NRI/Canada dream of hers and the well-being of her daughter but the fact that she chose to do this by ruining the lives of two innocent people does not go well with Sarabjit…..and he resorts to burning the Dummy Aircraft, which kept Desho’s dream alive….. This is the one dream that Desho saw with even eyes open, her Bani getting married to an NRI, living a life of luxury abroad something that she could never do and it’s that dream Sarabjit burns….Keeping the current affairs at Bani’s Sasural in mind, and the whole mystery surrounding them the above act of Sarabjit can be symbolic of Bani not being able to take that flight ever……Parmeet has sent Visa Papers so that Bani can join in ASAP in Canada, along with this the family members are trying hard to keep “A SECRET” under wraps and Manpreet keeps mentioning that History should never repeat and that she will see to it that the same (NRI Fake Marriage) does not happen with Bani……Clearly something is not right and does not measure up well……So it can be concluded that Bani’s life is not going to be a bed full of roses.

Author: Vijitha Rajan