fredag 26 juli 2013

Saraswatichadra: I Love You, but I can’t Forgive You!!!

I love you, but I can’t forgive you!!!
This is exactly what Kumud is doing and what she is going through right now…Kumud is still truly, deeply and madly in love with him, but she can’t expres it and she won’t express it….She can’t because of her marital status and she won’t because Saras has inflicted a real deep wound by rejecting her hand in marriage and by mocking her love.
Kumud walks away from Saras, she tries to be indifferent and does everything possible to show that she has moved on in life but will never forget what Saras did to her and so the indifference… but with every step she takes towards doing this, she is inflicting the same amount of pain upon herself. Saras has understood that Kumud does love him, the Breakfast table scene was a perfect example, but is that really sufficient after what he did?
It’s clear that Kumud is in no mood to forget or forgive what Saras did to her, because like it or not he put her in that spot in the first place. So it definitely does not look like that any amount of Confession, Apologies etc would melt Kumud’s heart. The tug of war between Kumud’s heart and brain clearly shows that she is in a Fix, her heart goes out to Saras, but every time she is reminded of their love, she is also reminded of how Saras himself was responsible for where they stood today…….Kehne ke liye they were standing in the same room, but were still miles away from each other and Saras’ one “NO” was responsible for the same.
All said and done, we wonder where the story is headed to, or better where the story is coz as of now we fail to see any…..Kumud got married to Pramad, there is a whole lot to be explored in this context, yet nothing has been shown so far….. Kumud and Saras are under the same roof but their story has come to a standstill….. The rest of the characters, especially Guman is terribly missed…. She played her cards well and got what she wanted but isn’t it time for making her next move? Danny was asked to leave on the day of his brother and Kumud’s marriage; shouldn’t he be back and asking for his Bhaiyya Bhabhi?
Overall the charm of the show is heavily missing; there is no movement whatsoever and thus no progress… Except for amazing performances from the leads there isn’t anything new that Saraswatichandra has been able to offer. Emotions look beautiful and become more effective only when backed by a good drama a department in which SC is clearly lacking these days. Is this the downfall of another saga? Only time will tell

Author: Vijitha Rajan