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Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 24th July 2013 Written Update

Madhu tells Marathe that have seen all the badness go out in one year.. try to be a better person …and change. .n seen Sultan change too! Madhu says.. to him to remove glasses of celebs being bad and see RK as normal person! Marathe says.. what an emotional speech glasses got clouded.. one suggestion . Patil has no game.. she should fight..! He says..case will be spiced up… n
He says.. Rs. 20 crs in tax last year. .must have earned a lot.. n that he does not drink tea.. he is a coffee guy .. n coffee is expensive than tea.. so if she is paying.. then RK will be free …he shows her.. Rs. 20 Crs amount..! He tells Madhu not to spend time.. counting zeros. .its 20 crs.. so hurry! He says.. RKs life is precious.. than this too .. so.. if this amount reaches his hand.. before court starts no one can stop RKs hand to be in hers! Madhu says..time is too less! Marathe says.. thats her issue.. he says.. u cant say .. chutki bhar sindoor ki kimat aap kya jane Marathe babu . .have priced it..! He says.. no one can value ..a person.. better than her..she has taken 4 pheras for 40 lacs..! Madhu is stunned..!
Madhu walks out of his office n in the car in a daze recollecting Marathes words..! Bittu asks the details of the discussions but Madhu stays mum..! Back at the mansion .. Bittu keeps asking ..but Madhu avoids! Radha and Paddo ask her too but she stays mum ..! Bittu asks if he misbehaved? Madhu says he is ready to support them ..and fight the case weakly ..! Radha is delighted and asks how come? Radha thanks God ..! Bittu is happy too..! Bittu says..why was she quiet then? Madhu says he is asking for money! Bittu says they will give..as its not costlier than RKs life! Madhu says its Rs. 20 Crs..and before the hearing next day! Bittu asks if he is nuts? How will they arrange? Radha asks that if they dun pay.. he will trap RK?? Dips says.. being rich is one thing but how will they arrange such large amount? Dips says.. Sultan is still creating touble for them! Madhu recollects Sultans words..that RK took all from him so he will destroy RK! Madhu says. .nothing will happen .. n they will get RK out at all costs! Dips says.. let Radha face reality ..and not give fake hope! Madhu says not giving ! Dips says how will she arrange? Madhu says..will do all ..to get RK out.. go to all extent! Madhu tells Radha that Sultan wanted to snatch RK but he couldnt. n now after death ..how can he win? Madhu says.. wont let my love lose..!
Madhu tells Bittu to call producers and try and arrange whatever money he can! She asks Radha to go rest and Dips escorts her inside..! Madhu tells Paddo that she knows she is upset.. n that its wrong.. n that Paddo taught not to buy someone by money! Paddo says she din teach all that.. but whatever she is doing is for her love.. n whatever she is doing.. n MAdhu says Pyaar aur Parivar ke liye..! RK did all for the family n if RK is right .everything is right..!
Later in the cell .. RK recollects Radhas admission of Sultan being his step bro.. n Madhu saying Sultan said.. RK snatched all from Sultan..! Sultan saying what if he finds .. he snatched Madhu from RK? Madhu standing in front of RK and then RK firing bullet . Sultan falling..! The junior cop comes to meet RK and gives him a moby … n says its for 10 mins.. to talk..! RK calls Madhu n says Biwi n Madhu asks how is my PAti? RK says..had scotch n went to Madhu says his bikini is here.. what will he wear? Both smile..! RK says. .there is something about her. .she impressed the junior to talk to him ..! RK says good he can talk to her before slepeing! Madhu says not just voice ..he too will be near her. .very soon .. holding her hand ..carrying her in his arms..! Madhu says no matter who Marathe is.. how dare he keep RK away from Madhu? Madhu says soon he will be with her..! Madhu says.. n RK stops n says.. is she scared? Madhu asks is he ? RK says asked first..! Madhu says a lot… till he din ask. .she was ok but now.. he asked so.! RK says..he too was brave till she asked but now he is scared too ..! RK says.. fear is of nothing except.. of losing her..! RK says.. those midnight talks.. holding hands.. n him hugging her.. n her saying . hadd hai RK ..! Both smile..! RK says. .never thot.. all this. n had seen only love in their life. .but what all happened? He says.. all looks like a dream.. n she is away from him! Madhu says all will be well .. n there will be only happiness n then she will say.. hadd hai ye bura sapna kahan se beech me aa gaya..! Right? RK is quiet..! Lights go off at the mansion ..and Madhu is scared..! RK asks if she is ok ? Madhu says lights gone..!
Part 2
RK asks her not to be scared n says he is with her n she is not alone! Madhu says m fine..! He asks her to extend her hand n hold his hand..! They both extend their hands. .n grip it..in the air as if holding each others hand..! RK says .. Jungli Billi .. why are u scared of darkness! Madhu looks around for candles..! She lights it.. ! RK asks got it.. .lit it? Madhu says yes..! RK says. .now leave hand..! Madhu says no..! RK says nails hurting..n Madhu says let it..! RK says in light of candle. her face is glowing and her eyes are twinkling like the stars..!
Part 3
RK asks if she knows which night it reminds him of? Madhu says no. .please! RK recollects studio night.. during rain..! BG- Kitni bate yaad aati hai..! Madhu is crying remembering moments spent with RK..! The clock keeps ticking…! The cop says.. SORRY .. time up! RK face is in pain and Madhu is in tears.. as RK returns the phone..! RK leans on the jail wall .. n Madhu leans on the bed..! RK lies on the jail bed..!
Precap — Its next day moring.. Madhu is shocked to see its 8am ..! Madhu gets ready and asks about Bittu..! Paddo says…he is not here ! Madhu says .. moby out of reach! Paddo says. .mite have gone to court directly..!

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