onsdag 24 juli 2013

Craziest rumor I have heard about myself: Shashank Vyas

Our Tellywood celebrities come across different kinds of rumors about themselves every single day.

Our craziest rumor column is dedicated to all those celebrities who have faced some craziest rumors. This week we have cute hunk 'Shashank Vyas' aka 'Jagya' of 'Balika Vadhu' who shares his experience. 

The  actor says, "The craziest rumor that I have heard about myself is that I am full of attitude and tantrums. I laughed when I heard this and so did my family and friends."

When we asked Shashank on how he reacts with people who spread such rumors, he says, "I enjoy a cup of coffee if that person has time, otherwise I don't waste time asking for justifications as I am not here to change people's view for me. People who know me, they know how I am so it's more than enough for me."

Giving an advice to the celebrities who come across such kinds of rumors every day, Shashank further added, "You cannot change people's thinking so let it go and concentrate on your work. They are just hindrances in work. They are baseless so they should hardly matter to anyone."

"I never look back on such things. Forget past and concentrate on future assignments is what I believe in" says Shashank.

Anwesha Kamal