söndag 28 juli 2013

Diya Aur Baati Hum: All good is Hard, All evil is Easy!!!!

Congratulations to Team DABH for topping the TRP Charts yet again aur top hogi kyun nahi, they are absolutely sure of what they want and what they have to showcase….. The Mittals have truly blessed Indian Television with Diya aur Baati Hum, which is an amazing entertainer and has the perfect combination of all the right ingredients that make a show Super Successful.
The Sabse Bada Champion Track is doing really well and why wouldn’t it? After all in a long time this has been the first time the show took a step towards showing Sandhya’s Dream become a reality….. The Competition is truly entertaining and going in full swing. With Emily and Sandhya both being a part of the competition and with Bhabho rooting for Emily than Sandhya for more selfish reasons the show has truly spiced up. Sandhya has showcased her best at every stage and done it with honestly unlike Emily who resorted to unfair methods. Which makes the viewers want Sandhya to win even more, something we hope will happen eventually, unless the CV’s resorts to some other Twist.
In the above paragraph we mentioned how Sandhya has always been honest and we do not limit this to only the competition but also the “Matka Challenge”, 2 of Sandhya’s Matka’s were broken for no fault of hers…. The first broke thanks to Chavvi’s lies and the second one well, it wouldn’t be fare to say that Sandhya took the blame upon herself and thus Bhabho broke the Matka, while that did happen literally if you look at it nobody came up with the truth exactly, neither did Emily nor did Meenakshi confess to being in Suraj’s shop on the night the shop was attacked by Pests. That along with Bhabho not wanting Sandhya to become an IPS officer was what drove Sandhya to take that particular step…..and now with Bhabho getting to know what happened exactly, but not knowing the reason behind it gives Sandhya an edge. What Bhabho’s mode of action will be once the truth comes out entirely is another story but the fact that the truth sans the reason has pinched Bhabho was totally worth the wait.
Emily and Mohit has managed to get hold of somebody from the Sabse Bada Champion crew to help them, they hope to win the Competition by resorting to unfair methods, but do they really stand a chance? The thing about Sandhya like they showed in tonight’s episode is she is confident but not over-confident, she is honest and believes in pursuing them. Emily and Sandhya both were shown studying, but Emily decides to cheat inspite of she preparing for the exam, while Sandhya calmly answers her husband that she was has prepared quite well for the Competition and was just going through her notes. The stark difference between the two is beautifully showcased and the constant comparison between makes the wait to the Victory worthy.
According to tonight’s episode and Precap Emily knows what exactly she needs to collect from the godown unlike the other contestants so how will the competition turn out to be? There is a possibility that the Particular stage/step gets completely changed or there is a chance that no matter what Emily knows, Sandhya will manage to do way better there are also chances that the entire ‘crew member helping Mohit-Emily’ track is staged by the authority and that Emily be disqualified towards the end. At this stage anything is possible and that makes watching the show without missing an episode all the more exciting. So don’t miss the upcoming episodes of Diya Aur Baati Hum, to know what happens next in TV’s number 1 show.

Author: Vijitha Rajan