lördag 13 juli 2013

Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 13th July 2013 Written Update

Sultan stops after saying .. MERI (MY) Madhu n Madhu is left stunned!
He asks her to leave..as she heard enouf Madhu asks what he said now? Sultan says.. leave.. n Madhu says speak ..n Sultan says.. she heard right RK snatched his all n that includes Madhu too!
Sultan grabs Madhu n says. .love u .. love u very much … how n when ..dunno but love u lot.. n its increased more n more.. every time seeing her with Aryan! Flashbacks of Sultan-Madhu scenes. shown!
He says.. how she would taste before feeding Aryan ..trust increased.. seeing it..! When he was shot …n Madhu taught Aryan to pray..! Madhu is shaken up…! When she saved his life..! He says. big debt of love on him..! How she taught him how to love.. that increased his love ..!
He says.. how on Holi she colored his face to save him n that the love colored his life . n how to save him she pointed gun on the person.. that day .. love increased !
Sultan says loved u ..when u wanted to take revenge on RK.. when RK stood bowing his head.. ! Sultan says.. Rishbala relation went up or down.. but his love kept increasing! Sultan says.. RK apne siva kisi aur ko nahi chahta aur main tumhare siva kisi aur ko nahi chahta!
Sultan says.. RK had only one intention .. to get MAdhu back. .this love n all this is only talk ..the person she loves..doesnt care for her.. or treasure her ..but for him..she is priceless!
Madhu asks Sultan to leave her n let her go! Sultan says … let u go once.. n this is the pain..cant now! Madhu says..he is hurting her n jerks back..! Sultan says..first n last time hurt u…wont hurt ever.. only love.. .. the love she returned inside him … she brought him to life.. brought father son relation to life..!
Sultan extends his hand n says. .hold my hand n come with me.. away from all this.. ! He promises to create a new world where only two people will be there he n Madhu ..n asks her to be courageous n hold his hand! Sultan says. no games. .no lies. .no cheating. .only love.. between them!
Sultan says. .will live n die for u.. Madhu ..! Madhu walks towards him .. holds his hand n SPITS on it! Sultan is stunned n Madhu furious!
Sultan asks what is this? Madhu says.. what he is … he is out in front.! Madhu says. .RK may be 100 times bad…but his love n hate was in front..! Madhu asks.. how dare u think i would leave MY RKs hand n hold urs?
Madhu says.. that .. din leave him ..when he left her. .but no God … nor RK can take that love from her..! She says.. he never cheated or tricked his biological mom … n he .. used his mom to settle down with Madhu?
Madhu asks ..what about Aryan? Madhu says..he is calling RK selfish but he is selfish ..to forget his mom n son ..even!
Madhu says. .he made her believe he is a saint.. n today she found out..what a big SHAITAN he is..! She says.. thot situation made him a criminal but his soul too is corrupted .. with evil ..! She says.. she formed a beautiful relation of friendship .. but he taught her lesson to see the person in front before making friends. .who know .. u regret it!
Madhu says. .from here n now.. all relation over between her n Sultan n turns to leave!
Madhu says.. Sultan said.. RK wants her at any cost. but its him ..who fell so low to get her..! Madhu says remember.. love RK a lot.. and can do anything for him .. n so from today its. Sultan vs RK – Madhu aka HUM!
Madhu says he wanted to change something ..well he has changed her feelings for him n have only hate ..!
Sultan fumes n throws stuff around in anger..!
Madhu is in the car and recollects Sultans words!
Bittu calls someone n asks if he came? He reassures Radha .. that RK will be back! Dips tells Sikky should put camera to record the daily new dramas!
Madhu arrives and sees all in the hall Dips says.. drama more fun .. Madhubala entered n Sikky says.. Chawl bala..!
Madhu asks the matter n Bittu says.. no trace of RK! Madhu asks to call n he says moby with him .. n he is nowhere…! Madhu tells they will find out RK ..! Madhu-Bittu leave!
Part 2
Bittu-Madhu look around and even come to the lakeside but cant find RK..!
They arrive at studio … but cant find RK..!
As they turn to leave..they find RK sitting on a chair.. drinking ..! Madhu touches RKs shoulder n he jerks away.. n says. .dun come near
Part 3
RK says stay away..coz.. the person who comes close to him ..goes away from him ..!
Madhu asks..he will go away from her?
RK says. let him be as alone..so he is alone from himself too ..! He says.. have no dad mom nor bhagwan n Madhu says.. mom is there.. ! RK says no mom . .n no God..!
RK says.. dham … mera dham khali ho gaya hai .. .m lost.. my dad. .my hero ..is gone.. ! RK says . .no dad no God ..n no person.. n he is falling down.. n no one to save him!
Madhu holds RK n says..she is there.. whose hand he can hold n stand back again! Madhu says.. they dun need a God..their love is their God ..!

Precap — RK says.. in this world there is someone who is his. .only his..n not of that Sultan..! Madhu is quiet..!