söndag 14 juli 2013

Qubool Hai - New Twist!!

Written Update:
Tanveer revels to Zoya that her dad isn't dead, and Zoya decides to look t up. It is shown that Zoya and Tanveer is shooting by a grave and then later that a man is digging up the grave while Zoya stands next to it. They say that Zoya is looking into it to see if her father really is dead or still alive. Later on Amrapali says: I've told Zoya that her dad isn't dead, in fact that he's still alive. And Zoya is here to see if her dads skeleton is here or not.
They show the shooting of the scene between Zoya and Tanveer and Tanveer says, Don't you wanna know who your dad is.
Surbhi then says: we are very serious towards each other even if its dushmani, they're still very serious about it. She says that it's intense because it has to do with Zoya's father.
Amrapali says: Tanveer doesn't have any concern regarding this cause she never has any concern regarding anything.
Surbhi says: Her biggest concern is to make things worse and Amrapali agrees and says that she wants Asad in any way possible and this is her second trick.