tisdag 16 juli 2013

"Rainy season makes me miss having a prince charming"

Monsoon is the season that is loved by all for its natural beauty. But well most of the times, it turns out to be annoying too due to the hurdles that it causesinthe day to day life of the people,especiallythe ones who are traveling during the rainy season.
Onthe same we got in touch with the bubbly Soumya Seth who is seen playing the role of Aaradhya in Shashi Sumeet Mittal's daily soap Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat on Sony TV, to know how she likes to spend the monsoon season, what she likes about monsoon and much more.

Let's have a lookonwhat she said...

Rainy seasonfor me is:The time when I miss my prince charming the most. It is a romantic season and I keep waiting for my prince charming to come. I wish he comes fast (smiles). I feel all the more connected to the universe… it is such an awesomemausam.

Precautions that I take during Monsoon:Well I take basic precautions during this season like to avoid getting wet during the first two weeks of monsoon, keeping an umbrella handy, wearing proper rainy shoes using the right moisturizer, keeping my hair tied as during this season there are chances of hair fall.

My memories related to Monsoons:My first monsoon after coming to Mumbai was some 6 years back and it was just unforgettable. I along with my family headedtoa drive to Carter Road, Bandra. It was a beautiful day and when we were taking a walk on the beach side suddenly it started raining heavily and I enjoyed that rain with my entire family.

My favorite visit during Monsoon:Of late I visited Banaras and the river Ganga was a treat to the eyes. Normally the river is dry but this time it had a tremendous flow.

My Monsoon holiday:I would want a bowl full of hot soup served to me near my balcony where I can see the beach along with my close ones accompanying me.

Must carry things in Monsoon: Rain boots,adeodrantandanumbrella.

My monsoon music:All the songs thathasthe word rain in it namely 'Sawan Barse Tarse Din' among many others.

My monsoon specialkhaana:It has to be Chinese.

My monsoon tip for the readers:Enjoy therainsalong with your life partner.You can spend the besttime during this season.

Krishma Solanki.