onsdag 17 juli 2013

Saraswatichandra 17th July 2013 Written Update

Guniyal talks to Vidyachatur. Vidyachatur says today I came to know how much work Kumud used to do in the karkhana. He says Budhidhan called and spoke about Kumud. Guniyal says we also spoke to her, she is happy, but Kumud does not know those people. They might expect a lot from Kumud, but I m worried. He says she will come and meet us. Guniyal says Kumud can hide few things from us. Vidyachatur says sometimes there are worries and problems also, we have to deal with it without saying everyone, to live a happy life. He says Kumud will make a good family there.
Kumud comes with Krish to Saras’s room. She asks about the Saras. Murkh Das says he went. Kumud sees that the person had the Dalya, she thinks about Saras and their old moments. Kumud cries and thinks she has left his memories back. She asks about the patient. Murkh Das describes Saras. Kumud’s mum-in-law takes Kumud with her. Saras comes to Palak and Budhidhan. Palak asks where are you going, Saras says I m better than before, I m thankful to you. He says you helped me, thanks. Budhidhan says I m a politician but I did not do anything to fear from people. Saras greets him by touching his feet. Saras feels ill again. Budhidhan asks him to stay for few days, so that he can thank him. Saras asks about what. Budhidhan says for the suggestions you have to us. Budhidhan asks him where he is from, and about his family.
Saras says allow me to go. Palak says we won’t permit you till you become fine. Saras says some good lines. Budhidhan says you cannot win over us by words. You said we are like your family, so think your dad is asking you to stay here. Saras thinks about Laxminandan’s anger and their fight. Saras gets upset thinking. Budhidhan says is someone waiting for you, Saras says no, no one is waiting for me. He says he needs some work, some motive in life. Budhidhan says you can work for us, I feel you came here not to go from here, but to stay here with us.
Kumud bumps into Pramad. He taunts Kumud and asks her to pack her bag. He calls Kanika and asks for hid handkerchief. Kanika comes and Pramad and Kanika does an eyelock. Kumud sees them. Kanika says some silly lines and taunts Kumud. Pramad says take some time out and be with Kumud. Kumud says I’m not a guest in this house, this is my house, and I don’t need anyone. She tells Kanika to do her work. Kumud leaves. Pramad laughs. Kanika gets angry.
Kumud hears Budhidhan talking to Saras and Palak. She looks at them. Budhidhan offers some work opportunity to Saras. Saras agrees. Budhidhan says I expected this from us. Saras says you are right, I did not come here to go back, maybe fate brought me here so that I can start a new life, stand on my own to prove myself. Budhidhan says I assure you this work will give you a good beginning. Kumud tries to see him but could not. Her mum-in-law takes Kumud with her. Kumud thinks about the patient. Kumud’d mu dikhai rasam is going on. All the women praise Kumud’s beauty and values. Kumud has a discussion with those women. They bless her.
Saras gives some ideas to Budhidhan. Budhidhan likes his ideas. He asks Palak to take Saras with her in the elections. Palak’s husband Inkesh stands there and asks for his recommendation in the army. Palak taunts him. Budhidhan laughs and asks Saras to come in the Kuldevi puja. Palak says I don’t think Saras does puja. Saras says some lines on puja also. Palak and Budhidhan are impressed. Budhidhan says we have kept this puja for our bahu.
The women surround Saras, Kumud tries to see him.

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