lördag 13 juli 2013

Soumya Seth: My relationship with Aaradhya has gone a little haywire!

She’s the cute, sweet and absolutely adorable 23-year-old who’s won millions of hearts with her Colgate smile. And she stars in Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat

Soumya Seth talks about the show ending, good times on the sets of Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat, her equation with Rohit Khurana, her perfect life partner and more.
Do you believe you’ve achieved star status?
I don’t think I’m there yet.
How did you start off with work in TV?
It was just luck, luck and some more luck that I got my first role.
Why should people watch Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat?
It’s a light-hearted show. I think people should watch it ‘coz a lot of effort has gone behind it. The audience should watch it with their hearts and not their heads.
What is your concept of beauty?
Anything and everything that makes you feel ‘wow’ and that pleases your heart is beauty, according to me.
How different or similar are Aaradhya and Soumya?
Actually, there are more similarities than differences. But Soumya is not scared of dark things any more, and plus I am very focused in life and my work. Aaradhya, on the other hand, doesn’t have any connection with work per se. However, Aaradhya and I both have a very positive outlook. According to my point of view, everything is good and nice, there is nothing bad. Like in the show, I am a princess in my house and the centre of my parents’ world.
What’s your take on Rohit Khurana?
He’s dark and scary from Aaradhya’s point of view and a little khadoos. In real life, Rohit is a very good actor and I love observing him.
Are you still in touch with your co-star from Navya – Shaheer Sheikh aka Anant?
Yes, of course, although not on a daily basis. He likes to stay alone, in his own world. I always have to make the effort to call him and ask him to meet and catch up.
Are you dating anyone?
No, I am not dating anyone. I am single!
What is your idea of a perfect life partner?
The day I find him, I’ll tell you. Actually, any guy I can be proud to introduce to my family, ‘coz they are my lifeline and support. So their approval is absolutely necessary. I’ve not met a guy like that yet.
So will it be a love or an arranged marriage for you, whenever it happens?
Any kind of marriage will do, but as of now I don’t think I am ready for it.
What does your family think about your show Khoobsurat?
My dad thinks I look really pretty in the show and he told me that I’ve made him proud. It was a very emotional moment for me.
Does your cousin Ragini Khanna give you any advice?
Ragini is like my mentor and my support in the family. She always stands up for me. I know if I ever have any problems, she’ll be there to guide me.
You’ve been doing these sweet and cute roles for long; would you be open to experiment with a negative or shaded character?
I don’t know about that. Actually, during my show Navya, there was a moment when I was this sugary sweet, shy, cute and always right kinda person; in real life also I am very similar. Suddenly I felt that my life is becoming very monotonous. I felt like playing something wild, or a negative character, but I soon snapped out of it. However, I am always open to new ideas and roles. I’ve not closed my door to anything.
What do you think about exposing on TV? Would you ever do it?
No, I don’t think we really need it, without that we have a lot to show on daily soaps. Plus, I am not exactly gung ho about showing my bare body on TV.
Do you think TV has become regressive?
No. I think TV is changing, maybe slowly and steadily, but it’s changing for sure. Shows like Bade Acche Lagte Hain andAnamika on Sony are clear examples of that.
Navya, The Serial and Khoobsurat – pick your favourite show…
It is impossible to pick one. I could never do that.
Khoobsurat is set to end soon and there is gossip circulating in the media about a one month extension. What’s the real story?
I got this news from other reporters and my actor friends from the industry. But frankly speaking, I still haven’t got any intimation about the show ending from my producer or director. The only thing I know is that the show is not doing well and is on the rocks currently. However, if we do manage to improve our figures, Khoobsurat is not going anywhere. If push comes to shove, the show will go on for a month or two unless the TRPs go up, since it’s on the radar. We’ve changed the track line and tried to make the story as interesting as possible, but now it depends on the audience.
Why do you think the show is not garnering enough TRPs?
Frankly, if we could pinpoint the exact reason, we would have worked on it. But based on the research done by Shashi and Sumeet Productions and the channel, we have constantly been changing our track to the preference of the audience. Ideally, I do not think I am the right person to comment on this.
Isn’t Aaradhya’s story moving too fast?
I agree, it’s happening a little too fast even for me. But maybe the production house and the channel thought it was best to move ahead and concentrate on the romance now, so they didn’t stretch Aaradhya’s anger for too long. But am sure that whatever steps they’ve taken are for the betterment of the show. Now we are trying something new and attempting to shock the audience – maybe that will work.
How has your journey been so far?
Frankly, Aaradhya is a very different role from my first show, Navya. It was interesting earlier and I really like the fact that I was doing something different, but as of now, because of the TRPs, the story and characters have changed a lot and I’m not enjoying it so much. I am okay doing it, but am not exactly happy. The initial story was about a girl who had so many layers. She may have looked fake, but she also had heart. She was stylish and saw the world differently. If with time the track and characters evolve, it’s okay, but here things are changing too fast. Now suddenly I am wearing saris and suits. I know it’s essential ‘coz the numbers matter. So I feel my relationship with Aaradhya has gone a little haywire. The moment the TRPs get a little better, my original character will also come back. I’ll make sure of it! (Laughs)
If the show does end, what will you miss most?
Please don’t ask me such questions! It makes me feel really bad. It feels as though the show has already ended and it’s gone. No it hasn’t and won’t go anywhere. I love each and everyone on the show from my co-actors to all the directors who’ve come on the show to the light and spot dadas. I love each them all.
What is your fondest memory on the show?
I make a new memory every day. Just the other day on the shoot I was doing a ramp walk with Shankar Sachdeva. Then yesterday Urvashi ma’am and I were posing in front of the mirror and taking pictures. When we are not shooting, we are either playing UNO cards or settling in one room to have some fun. The atmosphere on the sets is simply awesome.