onsdag 17 juli 2013

Uttaran: Akash stuck amid Meethi’s (Tina Dutta) truth and mother

Uttaran: Akash stuck amid Meethi’s (Tina Dutta) truth and motherUttaran: Akash (Mrunal Jain) confused when Meethi reveals truth about his mother

Uttaran on Colors is seeing a lot of turbulence and confusion in the married lives of Akash (Mrunal Jain) and Meethi (Tina Dutta).
In the previous episodes it was shown how Akash has come all the way from his hometown in persuade Meethi to come back to him.
Meethi on the other hand is angry and upset with Akash for keeping the truth away from her.
To add to her anger, Meethi has come to know that Akash’s mother threatened Damini before he could come.
Maiyya had told Damini that if Meethi comes back with Akash then her life would be made miserable.
Akash who is completely unaware of his mother’s wicked plans is shocked to know that his mother had threatened Meethi and Damini.
Even though he asks Maiyya for the truth, Maiyya denies threatening Damini or Meethi.
Will Akash ever know the truth about his mother’s real intentions and save Meethi from forth coming danger and troubles, only the coming episodes in Uttaran on Colors might unfold.