torsdag 18 juli 2013

Vikram Singh Chauhan and Nishi Singh, Imraan and Haseena Bi of Qubool Hai!

Imraan (Vikram Singh Chauhan) and Haseena Bi (Nishi Singh) of Qubool Hai are one of a kind mother and son. Well, the other mothers and sons we would compare in the series are Shireen Ahmed Khan (Shabnam Sayed) and Ayaan Ahmed Khan (Vikrant Massey) and Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Dishaad Ahmed Khan (Shalini Kapoor). Imraan is the face of innocence but is he really? He seems to be  wanting to marry Nikhat (Archana Taide) but there is a sinister past with Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta). What is the relationship that they have shared and will it come out in open any time soon? Well, the way the story is being unfolded, we don’t know if it is anytime soon, but surely the viewers want the pandora’s box opened and dealt with.

We spoke to Nishi Singh who plays Haseen Bi and found her to be a very quirky person. Playing evil is something she likes and is very happy that Haseena is one character that she has played over the years which has gotten her recognition and appreciation. She does get asked when she is out shopping in mall or various places in town or even at the airport. Another character she loves playing is in Hitler Didi, another Zee TV show, that of mother in law of Munna (Sandeep Baswana).
In our conversation with Vikram Singh Chauhan, who is the new Imraan (the earlier one left the show for his studies), we found that he is a lawyer, who has studied in UK and lived there for 4 years. He works in a Corporate, one of the biggest financial companies of the country and is in the legal department. So, what made him get into acting? It is his dream and wanted to explore this side of him. He has done two TV Commercials, one is Quick Heal Antivirus and other is Tata Indica Vista. This is hs first TV series and wish him luck. Welcome aboard. We wonder if he is going to reform or will he be a worthy partner of Tanveer?
We have interesting mother and son pairing in the show Qubool Hai. Shireen and Ayaan do not understand each other, while Asad and Dilshaad have a bond that is strong and of course, the mother and son that we have in Imraan and Haseena is one of tolerance and disdain. Why does Imraan take all the beatings from Haseena (at least verbally) and why does he allow her to put Nikhat down? Is there something that holds him back or is it that he does not care for Nikhat and allows Haseena Bi to ride roughshod over Nikhat?

Do you think, Nikhat should marry Imraan? This wedding has not happened for ages now and seems doomed from the start. Are all Khan siblings having the same fate? One of desertion and compromise? Will the likes of Imraan, Tanveer and God forbid we find someone like that for Najma (Nehalaxmi Iyer) too, not want anyone with some sense, to say “Qubool Hai”.
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