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Na Bole Tum Season 2: The Games Up….Mother-Son comes face to face!!!

Wow….Wow…Wow what an amazing episode……What Say NBTians ?
The war was officially on, the day Megha decided to stand up against Munna aka the real Aditya Bhatnagar. She did not know who he was then, he was Munna, somebody Mohan had introduced to Megha during Nanhi’s marriage, who now was hell bent on destroying Mohan Bhatnagar.
However today she recognizes who Munna really is and she has even decided to put a stop it all of it, and thankfully this realization, this drastic measure hasn’t been made at the cost of anybody else life, happiness, safety etc and most importantly not at the cost of Mohan Bhatnagar. Earlier we have seen misunderstandings being cleared, we have seen accusations being made etc at the cost of Mohan Bhatnagar this time however it’s Mohan’s reluctance to expose Munna, his determination to shield Munna at any cost that has led to Megha finding out the truth and siding with it.
What was interesting about the episode was that though it was not an out and out Mohan-Megha episode, the entire episode belonged to them…..Want to know how? Well read on…..What was beautifully pictured throughout the episode was how well the two understood each other. In season one we have seen this understanding graph see stark variations but Mohan and Megha got each other, even if not instantaneous they understood the other…..After marriage they hardly spent time together, they were separated and 12 years later when the two met, came before each other and after the truth being tossed out in the open Megha has come to realize the lengths to which Mohan can go for her and her kids be it then or be it now. Acknowledging that truth has given Megha a sense of liberation which is why we see her not thinking twice before handing him over to the police. We wouldn’t call it blind trust but as of now Megha has pretty much understood that the man she married, the one she is in love with which only gets deeper and deeper with the passage of time could never hurt her, and if he couldn’t hurt her how could he hurt her kids? Their Kids? This realization we believe is what made Megha connect the dots, and read in between the lines…..When they went in search of Addu, which turned out to be nothing but a wild goose chase, Megha who was very much a part of it had seen and understood everything concerning the scenario, she was aware of Mohan and Addu being great friends etc too that combined with Mohan’s desperate attempts to shield Munna was all that was needed to complete the puzzle.
Same thing goes for Mohan, while many are of the opinion that Mohan should have told the truth to Megha that Munna when he realized the truth, or when he came for Nanhi’s wedding or when he was put behind bars we believe that what he did was in perfect sync with his character. Yes he does have a protective streak in him, but more than protecting Megha from the truth that Munna was her son Addu, it was an attempt to return to Megha that Addu she remembers. He very well knows that Megha would break down, if she knew that Munna who was the brain behind framing Mohan and putting him behind bars was her Addu she would break down, the son she remembered, the son that she shed tears for, waited for with the aching heart of a mother wasn’t there…In his place was somebody Megha would never recognize and that is what Mohan was shielding her from and that’s the exact same thing that gave away the truth……Megha knew if Mohan had to go to such lengths to protect somebody who was wrong, who was supposedly the right hand man of Purushottam Tilakdhari when all that Mohan ever does is stand by the truth, there had to be something making him weak and knowing that Mohan feels responsible for Addu not coming back when he had plenty of chances to because he did not support the young kid at the school, Megha sure knows that Mohan would go out of his way this time to ensure that it does not happen like today.
Like we said earlier even if it was not an out and out MegHan episode, even if not in one frame the episode highlighted their emotions, their love for each other and that eventually truth triumphs all. Addu wanted to destroy Mohan for a misconception that he carried, he wasn’t ready to listen or make amends…He was blinded by anger and revenge which today has come to a standstill with his mother’s intervention.
Kunal Karan Kapoor, Kanwar Dhillon and Akanksha Sigh did an amazing job but hands down it was Akanksha Singh’s Megha Mohan Bhatanagar the wife/the mother that stole the show……When she stood before Munna (Real Addu) she knew who he was, that determination on her face to put an end to all this, the belief that her son wasn’t too far gone to actually hit her, the anger, the pain everything was showcased brilliantly…He expressions Mashallah were amazing and she totally rockked the episode and this scene in particular.
Over all an amazing episode but watch out for the firework’s tomorrow.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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