tisdag 16 juli 2013

Saraswatichandra: Paas ho kar bhi kitne door hai hum!!!

Last week saw an expected but heart-breaking twist with Kumud getting married to Pramad and him turning out to be the NOT perfect husband material. Unlike his father and sister Pramad seems to consider himself a total misfit in the Dharmadhikari Family, According to Pramad he has faced nothing but dejection’s in life…He believes that his parents have never understood him and the marriage to Kumud is yet another one of their decision being imposed on him.
Kumud agreed to this marriage blindly, back then it was all about proving to Saras that she had it in her to move ahead in life, that he was not worthy of her love. Today it makes us think otherwise…Maybe not a wise decision after all eh Kumud? So Bodhidhan wanted to get his son married to Kumud, because he believes that Kumud is the one who can connect Pramad to his life, teach him to be a less bitter and love life etc etc. Well will she succeed, will she even attempt is something viewers should certainly look out for.
Like always those who are bonded for life, those who have the heart to heart, soul to soul connection always sense the presence of their love/partner/soul mate from across the room and the same happens with Kumud as well…she sensed his arrival on the day of her marriage, she sensed his presence when getting into the Car all set to leave for her Sasural, she sensed his presence after the Griha Pravesh Ceremony and today when her Mother in law was giving Kumud a tour of the Mansion too she comes across the same feeling but is not able to put her finger on it.
Kumud made a conscious decision of leaving Saras behind; Saras too had the same plan initially but decided to mend them when his best friend knocked sense to him. Technically both are responsible for what happened, with Saras’s having the bulkier portion to play of course but are they destined to be separated forever??? The makers of the show have embarked on a rather different and bold path with the leads of the show that have been head over heels in love with each other are separated from each other. Viewers usually tend to fall back which such a track is incorporated, will Saraswatichandra be any different is yet to be seen.
Is it truly going to be “Muakammal Mohabbat Ki Adhoori Daastan” or is it going to be “Muakammal Mohabbat Ki Adhoori Daastan ab hogi poori”???

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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